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Favourite card games

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Shinamae Sun 11-Jul-21 12:45:44

Euchre and poker

muse Sun 11-Jul-21 12:41:33

Cheat is brilliant Blossoming. We laugh so much when playing it.

geekesse Sun 11-Jul-21 11:45:16

Another vote here for Canasta. It’s a brilliant game for socialising with friends.

Blossoming Sun 11-Jul-21 11:15:23

Pinochle, cheat, gin rummy.

recklessgran Sun 11-Jul-21 11:10:44

Oooh thankyou so much - I'm googling all of these for the rules.

henetha Sun 11-Jul-21 10:44:29

Canasta. Wonderfully addictive, once you get the hang of it.

Mollygo Sun 11-Jul-21 10:05:34

Knockout whist-quicker and simpler than whist
gin rummy,
chase the ace, -
stop the bus,
Whot, played with ordinary cards. We call it pea-knuckle but when I googled that , the game wasn’t what we play.

recklessgran Sun 11-Jul-21 09:56:00

We are about to go on holiday to Ibiza with 2 of our adult daughters. Please can you tell me your favourite card games? We think it might be fun to play cards in the bar in the evenings so looking for a variety of not too complicated games to play.