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Parcel Scam

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MissAdventure Mon 12-Jul-21 16:58:03

And muggings here nearly fell for it.
Just had a text from 'DPD', to say that they are unable to deliver my parcel as a shipping fee of £1.99 is due.
It includes a link to click on, and I thought it couldn't be a scam for 1.99.

Yes, it is, apparently, but it came in the middle of me trying to sort out a missing parcel from ebay.

AGAA4 Mon 12-Jul-21 17:07:36

I have had a text from DPD saying the same thing but I had heard about the scam so didn't click on the link.

MissAdventure Mon 12-Jul-21 17:10:50

Both times I've nearly been scammed have been when I am coincidentally already in the midst of sorting out problems.
I expect that's how it sometimes works for these....

muse Mon 12-Jul-21 19:46:13

These delivery scams are coming in from all directions now. I've had texts from Royal Mail and Hermes as well.

MissAdventure Mon 12-Jul-21 19:54:06

Have you?
I didn't even think of that.

infoman Tue 13-Jul-21 05:50:10

Just keep posting about any scam that you think MIGHT be a scam.
If you get a phone call,just say hang on a minute and put the phone to one side and put a covering over the handset and leave it.
This serves two purpose's
1) This gives some else a bit of peace
2) The "supervisor" of the scam will not be best please with an employee(sorry scammer) spending loads of time on the phone with out any "rewards"

granfromafar Tue 13-Jul-21 07:27:43

There have been lots of these types of scams going on for some time. As I have never given my mobile number to Royal Mail, DPD or Hermes I know that they can't be genuine. Can understand people falling for them if they are awaiting a parcel though. Just remember that any item you have ordered will always have had delivery included when you ordered it.

Kim19 Tue 13-Jul-21 07:35:40

Yes, I was caught by this one previously. Considered myself somewhat scam savvy. Huh! Not so. Timing was good for them in that I was expecting a couple of important consignments and I decided to comply and take it up with the consignee later. Happily, Fanny Carnforth put me wise (for which I will be eternally grateful). I contacted my bank. Card in question cancelled and replaced immediately. Phew!

MerylStreep Tue 13-Jul-21 08:28:19

Your not wrong in being suspicious concerning the being busy sorting something else
I read an article a few days ago explaining that this is happening.
Another statement I took from the article was to never have the same password for FB that you have for anything else

Gingster Tue 13-Jul-21 08:49:35

Amazon have phoned me to say my prime membership has continued and they have debited my account for £79.99.
I have confirmation by e mail that my prime HAS been cancelled. I phoned Amazon and they said they NEVER phone members. . BE AWARE,

Chewbacca Tue 13-Jul-21 09:25:14

There's actually something on BBC news today about a journalist that was scammed with the "we have a parcel waiting to be delivered to you" and, because he'd been waiting for a delivery, he fell for it. A few days later, now armed with some of his bank details, they phoned him and pretended to be his bank. When he told them that he knew they were scammers and wouldn't be giving them anything, he was actually told that he would be harmed. Dangerous people in more ways than one.

MerylStreep Tue 13-Jul-21 09:35:44

It’s very rare to be scammed on Amazon, but it can happen.
For that reason I never leave my card on Amazon.
I just put it on when I order, it only takes a few seconds.
There is some serous hacking stuff going on now.

GR206 Tue 13-Jul-21 09:56:58

I too had a call from Amazon saying my Prime was up for renewal and that £79.99 was being taken from my card or being cancelled and to 'press 1' to stop it. Of course I knew this was a scam as my Prime is not due and I don't leave a card on the account! I also had the 'you have a parcel' texts, one from Royal Mail, one from Hermes and one from DHL! I think it is suspicious when you are actually waiting on a parcel and they seem to 'know'. But I always check my orders directly on any deliverable site, never by a link of any kind. I just hope I can keep ahead of the game. [Grin]

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 13-Jul-21 10:12:33

I’ve had several Hermes and Royal Mail scams, both text and landline. I ignore them. I’m very dubious of anyone who rings our landline as hardly anyone has the number. If it’s a real person though, I do enjoy telling them off for their behaviour! A newish scam I’ve read about - copycat websites for investment companies. Anna Tims writes about it in last Sunday’s Observer

Sarnia Tue 13-Jul-21 10:24:30

£1.99 wouldn't ring any alarm bells but this is the start of clearing your bank account and taking loans out against you. Rip Off Britain did a programme on scams, this one was included.