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A report regarding the UK diet

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mokryna Thu 15-Jul-21 13:41:03

Do you consider it a waste of money paying for a report regarding the UK diet and a reformulation by the manufacturers and the amount of sugar and salt is used, to be pushed aside for 6 months? Surely it cannot be a surprise to the manufacturers, as it has been suggested many times and they have said they would regulate themselves.
What are your ideas?

AGAA4 Thu 15-Jul-21 16:35:05

I think the manufacturers have cut down on sugar in fizzy drinks but a lot more needs to be done. People can't be stopped from eating junk food so the alternative has to be to make them less unhealthy.

25Avalon Thu 15-Jul-21 16:49:03

The thing that worries me is that manufacturers cut down on sugar and use artificial sweeteners instead. No one knows what the long term effect of these will be. Now is there going to be even more use of such possibly unhealthy substitutes.

lemongrove Thu 15-Jul-21 16:54:40

I doubt that drinking fizzy drinks ( calorific or not) is good for you and should be a now and then treat, not an everyday occurrence.
Same with burgers, pizza etc. It’s how to do it.I think manufacturers have reduced salt and sugar, but perhaps not enough.It’s a problem ( with young people) everywhere.

Mollygo Thu 15-Jul-21 16:59:16

“Lemongrove” I agree. It’s the frequency that’s a big problem. It worries me that replacing sugar and salt with chemicals is no encouragement to reduce intake.

M0nica Thu 15-Jul-21 18:07:55

25Avalon, I absolutely agree because in my case, I can taste sweetenrs and often smell them amd I hate the after taste that stays with for hours.

I do not often have fizzy drinks, but when I do I now have to read the list of ingredients first. I have been caught out a number of times, buying a soft drink, usually at a motorway service station, and then when I take the lid the aroma of sweetener hits and I have to throw the drink away undrunk.