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lovingit Thu 05-Aug-21 23:41:52

I am 3 months into slimming world,3 weeks into stopping smoking and 4 months into trying to find a house. Enough for anyone surely but No fate decided I needed more in my life.
Woke up on Sunday to find the driver side window of my car smashed.The day was dry and I knew my insurance would cover it so I tried to be calm about it.
Not bloody calm now it,s forecast rain for the next 6 days and autoglass can.t fix it until Monday!!
House hunting at the moment is crazy and houses are going in days so having no car means I've had to cancel five viewings ,houses that will sell quickly.
The cakes ,chocolate,bath and afternoon in bed didn.t really help but I reckon I deserved it.

CafeAuLait Thu 05-Aug-21 23:49:11

Can you get an emergency windscreen repair kit and use it to cover the window?

Doodledog Fri 06-Aug-21 00:21:23

Oh no! That’s a shedload of bad luck for one day. I think you’ve used up your three lives though, so things should start to improve now😀.

V3ra Fri 06-Aug-21 00:30:51

I would say the cake, chocolate, bath and afternoon in bed were more than justified in those circumstances!

House hunting is very hard this year. My son was looking a few months ago and several times he couldn't even arrange a viewing as the agent said they'd already got enough booked, but they could put him on a waiting list!

Good luck with the Slimming World and giving up smoking.

Redhead56 Fri 06-Aug-21 09:47:01

Well you certainly have will power that’s for sure keep the rain out of the car. Put plastic like large bin bag over the window frame and in the actual door frame close the door. Get some silver duct tape and secure the edges of the plastic. It’s worked for me in the past.

BigBertha1 Fri 06-Aug-21 09:49:33

lovingit sometimes it all comes at once doesn't it? I would keep on with your current treatment until things improve.smileflowers

NotSpaghetti Fri 06-Aug-21 09:53:17

Contact your insurance again, tell them about autoglass and the rain, say if not repaired it will be further damage. Ask them to remove the car to a garage.
Worth a go!

lovingit Fri 06-Aug-21 12:38:20

Redhead, I am a dab hand with the bin bag and tape!
It.s just so annoying to have to wait so long when the glass only took one day to order(I phoned Toyota and found out).No doubt the pandemic will be blamed but 8 days....