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Interminable waffle

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Bluebellwould Sat 07-Aug-21 20:09:23

What is it with the BBC and their everlasting waffling presenters? I’m trying to listen to the Proms and between every song you get 3 experts waffling on about the song, the composer, fun facts about the composer, how it was written, why it was written, who sang it in 1066 and so on and on and on. Any pleasure and getting in the mood just dissipates.
The beeb does this superfluous crap on everything it seems these days. They even do it on trooping the colour, when you get the interviews with the grandparents of the troopers involved etc surprised they don’t interview the horses grandparents too.
Is it because they think we’re thick or liable to lose interest if we are not spoon fed continuous information. I dare not even mention the appalling coverage of the olympics. If there was a gold medal for waffling presenters they would win it.
Off to lie down with a cold flannel on my head 🤪
Enjoy Saturday evening folks.

ginny Sat 07-Aug-21 20:27:48

Not just the waffle. Some sports presenters get so het up that I fear for their health. I often wonder if they get paid per word.
Why do we need to be told what we are seeing, have seen, might see and why .

Cfaz49 Sat 07-Aug-21 20:52:50

I suppose they have to try to justify their position!

tanith Sat 07-Aug-21 20:58:50

The beeb could save so much dosh if they just stopped bringing in all these ‘experts’ and had one person to present simples.

Callistemon Sat 07-Aug-21 21:42:47

Oh yes, Bluebellewould
I turned on to see how Tom Daley had done and all I got was waffle, twaddle and rubbish from the chatterers. I really couldn't care less about their opinions.

Was the waffle on the Proms during the interval? I got up to do something else.

Luckygirl Sat 07-Aug-21 23:22:29

I sort of agree. I do find that information about the piece I am listening to is helpful - a bit like the programme notes if you were there live. But I do agree that it just needs one person. Importing experts (or sometimes non-experts/slebs) to get their opinions is pointless.

I also think that there is no need for news people to go and stand in the cold near a flood or whatever - we could simply have footage of the incident and verbal information - having someone go and stand there is expensive and pointless.

Luckygirl Sat 07-Aug-21 23:24:17

But worst of all at the Proms is the presence of someone who is determined to make their mark by yelling Bravo - some idiot did this at the end of the Brahms symphony after a magical quiet ending. Nitwit!

Kamiso Sat 07-Aug-21 23:30:59

OH has taken to watching most sports with the volume switched off or fast forwarding through the chit chat. However one friend watches the Grand Prix because she enjoys the chit chat!

BigBertha1 Sun 08-Aug-21 07:04:54

I do agree particularly in respect of Katy Dereham and her smirkng and leg flashing. Time to pop to the loo when she is on but mostly we record things so we can avoid all this drivel.

Kim19 Sun 08-Aug-21 07:20:16

When the commentary and 'waffle' is too much I simply turn the sound off. Irritating necessity but effective for me. My biggest bug is in snooker where the commentators have the past expertise to suggest what strategy should/will be applied on a shot. Usually completely wrong and not worth listening to.

Baggs Sun 08-Aug-21 09:09:58

Blethering is what the chattering classes do.

MawBe Sun 08-Aug-21 10:20:37

Years ago we used to watch the rugby internationals on TV but with the sound turned out and we would listen to the radio commentary instead.

Oldwoman70 Sun 08-Aug-21 10:34:22

I have always wondered why televised sport needs someone describing the action in detail. Yes, I appreciate some people have sight problems but those I know prefer to listen to the radio broadcasts.

Something else which annoys me is when a radio announcer is about to make an announcement about an event or similar but then deviates and talks about something vaguely connected leaving the listener (well me anyway) frustrated waiting for the information!