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shooting stars due

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infoman Wed 11-Aug-21 17:48:15

Perseids shower from approx 23:59pm ish on wednesday till friday 13 august

JaneJudge Wed 11-Aug-21 18:23:49

ohhhhh. It is quite clear too. I might put the cushions out smile

MayBee70 Wed 11-Aug-21 19:45:44

I can't believe it's that time of year again already!

Lincslass Wed 11-Aug-21 19:53:21

I missed this last time, hope to manage to see the sons of Perseus this time.

MiniMoon Wed 11-Aug-21 20:41:51

It's cloudy here tonight. The forecast isn't good for the rest of the week either. My chances of seeing them are pretty slim, I fear.

3dognight Wed 11-Aug-21 21:23:10

Thanks for reminding me, can’t believe it’s that time of year again!

MissAdventure Wed 11-Aug-21 21:26:47

Oh thank you for the reminder.
I'll be outside having a look. smile
I love the sky at night.

Callistemon Wed 11-Aug-21 21:30:23

Thick cloud here too, I hope tomorrow will be clearer.

Thank you for the reminder infoman

Juliet27 Wed 11-Aug-21 21:35:27

Unfortunately too many street lights around here preventing a good viewing. The only time I’ve ever seen them was when we were on holiday in a boat on the Thames and I was having trouble sleeping. I couldn’t believe the number of shooting stars’ not knowing at that time anything about the Perseid shower.

Kim19 Wed 11-Aug-21 21:39:30

Thanks OP. Look forward to having a bit of success with this. A few clouds around but I might be in with a chance.

CanadianGran Wed 11-Aug-21 21:56:28

Thank you - we have a clear evening ahead so I will try to get out.

Esspee Thu 12-Aug-21 02:27:12

Thank you for the reminder. It was such a perfect night, no clouds whatsoever so we drove out of the city away from the lights and got out a couple of chairs. Saw 13 between us, not as dramatic as I’ve seen in the past. Amazing quite how many satellites passed over while we were waiting
Just arrived home, reckon we might have aching necks in the morning.

Savvy Thu 12-Aug-21 02:31:40

And...... once again we have rain! I've yet to see it, no matter where I live, if there's a major astronomical event, there's cloud cover.

NannyJan53 Thu 12-Aug-21 07:25:30

I remember being on a campsite in Cambridgeshire a few years ago. It was a spectacular sight as they came over.

Esspee Thu 12-Aug-21 08:59:19

Update. No sore neck but I feel really tired. Did anyone else watch the spectacle?

Elegran Thu 12-Aug-21 09:03:18

Several webcam sites are showing them live online. Probably more chance of a good view than from your own back garden.

MaizieD Thu 12-Aug-21 09:14:15


Update. No sore neck but I feel really tired. Did anyone else watch the spectacle?

I stayed out until about 2 am. Saw 2 planes on their way to Newcastle, 3 satellites and maybe 6 or 8 meteors.

Gave up...

JaneJudge Thu 12-Aug-21 09:17:07

No, I went to bed early but will stay up tonight

Lincslass Thu 12-Aug-21 09:20:22

Nothing last night, too much cloud, will try again tonight. Fingers x .

MayBee70 Thu 12-Aug-21 12:14:48

I was up really late last night and sat outside @ 3am as the sky was clear but saw nothing. I’ll look earlier tonight.

MissAdventure Thu 12-Aug-21 14:30:46

It was too cloudy for us to see much, so I'm hoping tonight may be better.
It's very cloudy, though.

MiniMoon Thu 12-Aug-21 14:48:53

Someone on my Facebook news feed was up in the wee small hours. He found a clear spell and took a photograph at a local beauty spot. Just above the pliedes he captured a meteor. Lovely picture.
I went to bed, but I could have stayed up to watch because I didn't get any sleep until after 3am.

Witzend Sun 15-Aug-21 23:45:46

I’ve only ever seen them when I haven’t been looking.

A friend who was truly dotty about his dogs had a sort of little memorial service in his garden for one of them - a flatcoat retriever who, to be fair, was the loveliest, most affectionate dog ever.

The dog’s formal kennel name was (something or other) Shooting Star.
Shortly after the service I was standing in the garden (in rural Devon) after dark, looking at nothing in particular, when what did I see, but a shooting star.