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Una Stubbs has died

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Clawdy Thu 12-Aug-21 17:03:59

So sad, she was such a lovely actress, I remember seeing her in Summer Holiday all those years ago, then in so many things over the years. She was great in Sherlock too.

Kate1949 Thu 12-Aug-21 17:05:52

Yes it's sad. There is already a thread under Bereavement Clawdy

timetogo2016 Thu 12-Aug-21 17:07:07

Very sad,she seemed so genuin.
RIP Una.

timetogo2016 Thu 12-Aug-21 17:08:11

Tut genuine with an e.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 12-Aug-21 17:18:11

I loved Una I remember her fondly with Alf Garnett in Till Death Us Do part, also as Aunt Sally in Worzel Gummidge,

BlueSky Thu 12-Aug-21 21:16:04

Another famous face we grew up with. So sad. RIP x

tiredoldwoman Fri 13-Aug-21 04:27:15

Yes, she was lovely .
I loved her as Aunt Sally then on the charades programme with Lionel Blair , she was like a sparkly little happy button !

Nannatwiglet Fri 13-Aug-21 11:47:20

She wrote a book in the 80s called “In Stitches”…which is on my shelf. She liked sewing, patchwork and embroidery…Such a versatile lady….