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Ban 'free bets' - petition

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Blossoming Thu 12-Aug-21 19:59:44


FarNorth Thu 12-Aug-21 18:57:49

I've lifted this whole post from Mumsnet.
My husband was the love of my life, my soul mate, an amazing father to our beautiful children, wonderful son, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, grandson and friend. I miss him everyday.

I lost my husband 3 months ago through a gambling addiction. He was a happy man but was sucked into a hole after being given 'free bets' which ultimately cost him his life. He took his own life in April. I have made a video that explains more here.

I have set up a petition asking the government to ban 'free bets'. This is where I am asking for your support. Could you sign and possibly share it.

Sorry for asking but I am trying to gain as much support for this as possible so I thought I would give this a go. Signing will take 1 minute and sharing will take even less time.

Daily mail: .