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Mikis Theodorakis - RIP

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Riverwalk Fri 03-Sep-21 09:09:36

He died yesterday aged 96 - who can forget Anthony Quinn in this clip:

Zorba the Greek

Riverwalk Fri 03-Sep-21 09:13:20

Not forgetting Alan Bates of course!

trisher Fri 03-Sep-21 10:00:34

Thanks for that clip Riverwalk brought back so many memories. Including a Greek boyfriend who looked a little like Alan Bates. RIP Mikis Theodorkaris. (and Alan and Anthony)

SueDonim Fri 03-Sep-21 10:15:40

The gorgeous Alan Bates! ❤️

I watched a clip yesterday and looked up the plot of the film. It sounds utterly bonkers! grin

Thanks for the music, Mikis.

trisher Fri 03-Sep-21 10:54:27

This is worth watching for the music and the proof that age is no barrier to dancing. Mikis and Anthony in 1995

MawBe Fri 03-Sep-21 14:11:45

He was of course more than “just” the composer of the memorable music for “Zorba the Greek”
(From his obituary)
He was Greece’s most celebrated composer of the 20th century, internationally known above all for his score for the 1964 film Zorba the Greek; yet if that came to be identified with a tourist’s notion of their country, for Greeks themselves Theodorakis was, in person and through his music, inextricably bound up with their nation’s long, bloody struggle for liberty.
After the Colonels fell in 1974, Theodorakis was a candidate to be mayor of Athens. Then from 1981 until 1990 he sat as a Communist Party MP, but still found time to compose numerous formal works of music. Among them were operas, ballets and symphonies, often based on Greek myth (and premiered in East Germany). He was particularly inspired by his discovery of the poems of the Chilean writer Pablo Neruda.
His popular standing remained such, however, that when in 1989 he suggested the other parties of the Left and Right come together to rid Greece of the long-serving but corrupt PASOK administration, the idea was adopted. Theodorakis then gave rise to more surprise by standing in the ensuing election for the New Democracy party, conservative heirs to the Liberals – and by agreeing to sit as a minister in the cabinet of its leader, Constantine Mitsotakis.

Riverwalk Fri 03-Sep-21 14:44:40

Indeed Maw.

This morning I heard Yanis Varoufakis pay tribute - he also said that Theodorakis had later in life temporarily joined a right-wing party!

Talking of hunky Yanis, I'm reminded that our late Jings had a thing for him wink sad

MawBe Fri 03-Sep-21 15:41:05

I could just imagine Jingl doing a Shirley Valentine! wink