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Strange adverts (light hearted)

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Tizliz Mon 11-Oct-21 08:47:54

At the moment the side advert is for ESET science awards. This is the aim of the award:

The aim of the ESET Science Award is to highlight personalities within Slovak science

Are there going to be many applicants here? Not sure if your application can be in English.

Esspee Mon 11-Oct-21 09:29:13

I think we all get different adverts Tizliz. I don’t think Gransnet has much to do with what actually appears on your page.
Google shows adverts supposedly based on your interests and I believe your phone/computer actually listens in to conversations. No I am not a conspiracy theorist but it is the only explanation for me being shown adverts for generators after my OH told me he wanted one. No way have I ever searched for anything relating to generators. ?

Esspee Mon 11-Oct-21 09:32:32

Oooh. Now getting adverts for Mercedes. I remember OH talking about the hourly rate for repairs on his Merc but no way have I looked up cars. I have zero interest in them.

Grannybags Mon 11-Oct-21 09:49:20

I'm getting one telling me of "a simple and easy place to trade oil" confused

ninathenana Mon 11-Oct-21 09:55:17

I've blocked all ads

FannyCornforth Mon 11-Oct-21 10:22:57

I’m being told that I need to book a Building Surveyor
What should I say to them? confused

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Oct-21 10:32:32

It’s Alexa, Espee. Ditch her at once. She’s really after your OH. If you buy him a generator she will claim all the credit!?
Grannybags, a whole new career awaits you.
Fanny, practise your flirting skills with the surveyor, tell him which part of your structure needs attention!?
Sadly I have no adverts on my iPad at present.

FannyCornforth Mon 11-Oct-21 10:44:42

Just got a huge one for ‘the World’s Best Ear Massager’
I can’t imagine that it’s a crowded market

And now I’m being told to ‘Move to Kiln Meadows’

I’ll have to have a look where it is first…

Nortsat Mon 11-Oct-21 11:01:10

My adverts are for:
- a jewellery company I have previously bought a piece from
- lovely looking clothes from companies based in China, from whom I would never purchase
- a credit company for a new credit card, which I don’t need....

FannyCornforth Mon 11-Oct-21 11:09:54

Nortsat those Chinese ‘clothes shops’ do my head in.

You know that they are a scam and don’t sell those actual clothes; but why on earth doesn’t a company make them?

They all look so lovely and they seem universally liked. But don’t seem to exist…

nadateturbe Mon 11-Oct-21 11:29:33

Its really odd. We were just having tea in the kitchen. I made a comment about my husband's Craghopper fleece and the ad on the right of my GN is for new season Craghoppers. I hope Espee is wrong and it's just coincidence.

Callistemon Mon 11-Oct-21 11:34:07


I've blocked all ads

Toyota Hybrids and Adobe today! It's usually adverts for clothes.
Nothing I've searched for!

I tried that ninathenana, following the advice of a poster, but messed up my email account

Callistemon Mon 11-Oct-21 11:35:36

Apparently I now need an accountant.

I wouldn't care but the advert covers the message box so I can't see what I'm typing.
GNHQ don't seem able to help.

mokryna Mon 11-Oct-21 11:46:17

I have got one to sign up for, a bionic business expert, the man in the advert looks quite nice in his flat cap.
It is worth noting that, I was talking to someone on the phone about .. yes you have guessed it business and tax forms. Big brother is watching or in my case listening in.

Kim19 Mon 11-Oct-21 11:51:51

I'm happy to say I don't receive any of those. Sounds awful.

Blossoming Mon 11-Oct-21 11:52:23

Mine is for 50% off at Jigsaw at the moment.

nadateturbe Mon 11-Oct-21 11:54:10


Its really odd. We were just having tea in the kitchen. I made a comment about my husband's Craghopper fleece and the ad on the right of my GN is for new season Craghoppers. I hope Espee is wrong and it's just coincidence.

I should add we have Alexa in the kitchen.

Daisend1 Mon 11-Oct-21 11:55:39

What do you have in mind?grin

Mapleleaf Mon 11-Oct-21 11:55:58

Expensive watches and end to end business transformation ads on mine today. I’ve no interest in either! ?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Oct-21 13:37:03

I was feeling very left out but Volvo have come to my rescue with an ad for an electric car. Hot on its heels was an ad for a Toyota hybrid. I haven’t expressed any desire for either. Someone is trying to convert me.

catladyuk Mon 11-Oct-21 13:41:13

i've got an ad blocker so i don't get any side adverts!

Blossoming Mon 11-Oct-21 21:34:05

I don’t really feel the need for an ad blocker, I just ignore them until someone starts a thread smile

Right now it’s offering me an Ooni pizza oven.

V3ra Mon 11-Oct-21 22:18:57

Two friends were discussing the upcoming hysterectomy of one of them.
Alexa, not even switched on, suddenly started reciting the names and addresses of all the nearby hospitals ?

Blossoming Mon 11-Oct-21 23:09:43

Alexa sounds demonic!

nadateturbe Tue 12-Oct-21 01:48:00

Oh gosh that is so weird! V3ra.