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Confession time....

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GrannyMacawell Sat 16-Oct-21 16:49:29

I am not a Gran! I am over 50 though....i have come from the other place.....

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 20-Oct-21 12:34:18

The other place, stardust123 is Mumsnet. I find it has a slightly different stance as its contributors are younger and still in the thick of it - careers/jobs and the responsibility of bringing up children as well as trying to maintain a happy marriage. There's a lot of pressure on young people these days.

As a widowed retiree I've stepped aside from all that, having been there and done some of that. I think we have a different perspective due to life experience. Neither is a calmer place as there's still a bit of a ding-dong at times.

nanna8 Wed 20-Oct-21 06:01:32

I had a look- not for me, can't be bothered with the long posts. They're too young.

grannydarkhair Wed 20-Oct-21 03:55:25

I second everything Maggiemaybe and adaunas said. I post under a different name on M’net.

adaunas Wed 20-Oct-21 00:59:24

I’m a gran and I also frequent the other place. Lots more topics, moves faster and sometimes really funny.

stardust123 Tue 19-Oct-21 23:23:43


I'm not a Gran either ... I flip over to the other place too under a different name.

ok what is this other place ?

Galaxy Mon 18-Oct-21 07:47:18

Yes I find MN much less 'wild west' than here. It's so big that any arguments tend to be forgotten by the next day.

Maggiemaybe Mon 18-Oct-21 07:39:25

I like Mumsnet. Lively discussions, very quick-witted posters, and though there might be some fierce ones, there are so many members and it moves so fast that it rarely gets as personal and peevish as it does in this small pond. Imho anyway.

GrannyMacawell Mon 18-Oct-21 06:49:11

tbh the other place isn't always nasty. .its possible to get some really good advice. Some stuff brexit, is really nasty. .the hate coming off the screen is palpable, and in the light of recent events I think now unacceptable and I am at heart a pragmatist.

nanna8 Mon 18-Oct-21 03:18:13

I haven’t looked at the other place but it sounds a bit nasty and I don’t do nasty.

Lauren59 Mon 18-Oct-21 03:04:08

I’m a gran to my dog and three kitties. In a few months I’ll be a new gran to a baby boy! I have also drifted over to the other place from time to time but rarely. I love hearing all about your daily lives. It really is something to look forward to each day.

Ali08 Mon 18-Oct-21 02:21:38

BlueSapphire, thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering what 'the other place' was?
Lmao, I'm on there, too, but I much prefer it in here, much less bitchiness and needing to agree with people so they don't bully you!!
Everyone marches to the same drummer but, like my brother once let me know, I march to a different drummer, and if I disagree with something I either keep quiet or I'll say something.
Usually the latter!

GrannyMacawell Sun 17-Oct-21 17:05:16

I do think the other place was beginning to affect my mental health. This place is nicer and yes not as busy....but i like that

Namsnanny Sun 17-Oct-21 13:19:25

Any examples MerylStreep?
Have you brought topics from there to here, and if so how were the replies different?
I'm just interested in having a more positive experience on here.

MerylStreep Sun 17-Oct-21 12:48:54

how so, Witzend
For a start they are treated as adults unlike on here where we are viewed as someone in their dotage.

Namsnanny Sun 17-Oct-21 12:40:50

How so Witzend?
Better topics, more broad ranging? Or more argumentative?
Could thise from the other side suggest topics that would 'liven' things up?

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 17-Oct-21 11:56:39

Is the ‘ other place’ Mumsnet? I go there sometimes....different name. Usually though, by the time I get the threads, they’re already pages long...and I can’t be bothered.

henetha Sun 17-Oct-21 11:42:11

I've never explored the other place. Might it be a bit too fierce for me, possibly? (I hate conflict).

Visgir1 Sun 17-Oct-21 11:40:42


You’re not the only one, GrannyMacawell, I regularly visit the Other Place too - it’s nearly always far more interesting than here!

Me too.. I've been crying with laughter at times, at some of the topics.

Witzend Sun 17-Oct-21 11:32:41

You’re not the only one, GrannyMacawell, I regularly visit the Other Place too - it’s nearly always far more interesting than here!

GrannyMacawell Sun 17-Oct-21 09:32:42

Thanks sodapop...are you a fan of "the outsiders"?

sodapop Sun 17-Oct-21 09:19:39

Yes you are welcome GrannyMacawell it's not compulsory to have grandchildren. smile

Jaxjacky Sat 16-Oct-21 21:47:57

An accolade Kandinsky 🙂.
GrannyMacawell you’re welcome, there are others here, no children or grandchildren, all of us join in 💐

rubysong Sat 16-Oct-21 21:31:04

I daren't go to the other place in case the mother of my DGC is having a moan about me. (Only joking! She's lovely really.)

Yammy Sat 16-Oct-21 18:00:52


Welcome op.
I’m banned from the other place grin

What a compliment I hope you enjoyed

Woodmouse Sat 16-Oct-21 17:59:51

I'm not a gran either. I really like the other place though.