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Feeling sleepy at breakfast

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Granny3Rose Sat 23-Oct-21 10:32:51

When I get up each day I shower then have breakfast, feeling OK. Then, while eating breakfast I begin to feel sleepy, even when I've had a good night's sleep. I could just lie down and drift off, but I don't do that. Once I move about and start doing jobs the feeling wears off. It just seems strange. Does this happen to anyone else?

Scones Sat 23-Oct-21 10:39:49

I'm the same and it happens again after I've had my lunch. I'm not like it in the spring and summer so think it's a seasonal thing. With the days drawing in my mind and body think it's time to hibernate. Like you, if I get moving I'm ok...but it would be very easy just to have a nap. zzzzzzz.

Granny3Rose Sat 23-Oct-21 10:43:40

Scones it's so delicious to have a nap - and I do sometimes in the afternoon. But it seems odd when it happens to me such a short time after a night's sleep.

BlueSky Sat 23-Oct-21 10:54:20

It happens to me after the evening meal, my mum was the same, I thought perhaps a sugar issue, as my glucose is occasional borderline high. But when it used to happen to my DH after breakfast, it was sleep apnea.

annodomini Sat 23-Oct-21 11:01:49

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like dropping off just after breakfast - or even during breakfast. I sometimes find that my tea has gone cold while I have had forty winks. I am a night owl, rarely in bed before midnight.

kircubbin2000 Sat 23-Oct-21 11:17:31

It happens to me when I have eaten white bread. Must be slightly allergic.

MayBeMaw Sat 23-Oct-21 11:21:21

I know the feeling OP but I often don’t get as far as breakfast. A mug of tea in bed does the trick - or rather half a mug- as I often nod off and find the cold tea on the bedside table .
I think it’s to do with blood sugar- (or the caffeine) - a sudden surge after several hours’ “fast” and then a dip as your system digests what you have eaten or drunk.

catladyuk Sat 23-Oct-21 11:22:09

yes, frequently happens to me too, regardless of season.
dare i suggest that it may be an 'age' thing?

maddyone Sat 23-Oct-21 11:25:45

I never feel great in the morning, it takes me a while to come round. It always has done, which made going to work difficult for me, but I just forced myself. Now I can take as long as I like to come round.

Luckygirl Sat 23-Oct-21 11:26:19

A shower always knocks me out, so I do not shower in the mornings.

Katek Sat 23-Oct-21 11:58:38

Think it’s fairly normal - it’s body’s response to biochemical changes which happen when we eat/digest food. Look at your cat or dog after it’s eaten……absolutely flaked out! We’re just the same, it’s a primitive response.

Granny3Rose Sat 23-Oct-21 14:50:03

Thanks for the responses. It's good to hear that others have a similar thing.

Zoejory Sat 23-Oct-21 14:56:15

Do you eat fruit for breakfast? Always seems to wake me up!

Granny3Rose Sat 23-Oct-21 15:56:42

That's interesting Zoejory. I mostly have some form of cereal, but I do always have a glass of orange juice (if that counts as fruit).

Nonogran Sat 23-Oct-21 20:14:41

I sometimes wake, have a cuppa whilst I watch bbc1 breakfast news programme in bed, start to feel sleepy & go back to sleep. This can happen anytime after 0600 until I wake again after the BBC breakfast has finished. Who cares? I’m not worried. Joyful retirement. Doesn’t happen every morning.

MerylStreep Sat 23-Oct-21 20:26:20

For years my OH has had Humus for breakfast and has always had a problem getting going by 10 o/ clock ( when he goes to the gym)
I’ve finally persuaded him to not have anything. It’s completely changed him. He’s now up and running by 9 o/clock.
Overload of carbs 😟