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feel like i am getting lazy

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travelsafar Tue 26-Oct-21 09:57:12

I am getting up later each day unless i have to be somewhere, i keep busy during the morning in the house, garden or shopping or going somewhere. I try to fit in a short walk each day, especially over the last couple of days in the beautiful sunshine we have had. Then around 3pm i stop and i seem to be stuck on the sofa knitting and watching tv until bedtime. This has happened only since my DH died so i guess its showing me how much time he filled and i wasnt even aware of it. I hate it as i know being inactive is bad for us as we age. During the summer i would be pottering in the garden until the evening but now its turning colder and the clocks are going to change on Sunday i fear i have become stuck in a rut. The fact that night time driving is out of the question due to the headlights of oncoming cars is also not helping, not that i really like going out at night. Is anyone else feeling this way, is it the slow decline, i defo feel 'my get up and go has gone'!!!!

MayBeMaw Tue 26-Oct-21 10:04:31

Oh my dear Travelsafar I know it , as does my waistline (what’s that?)
My “get up and go” has definitely “got up and gone” .
Take heart, you are not alone, much of the animal kingdom hibernates and they haven’t even got Netflix grin

MayBeMaw Tue 26-Oct-21 10:06:52

I might add
“Get a dog” they said. “It will get you up and out for healthy walks”
Aye right

sodapop Tue 26-Oct-21 11:05:07

Lovely pics MayBeMaw you could borrow my terriers they are always ready to go out, unlike their owner. I don't stay in bed late travelsafar as the dogs want to go out but I am resting more during the day now. I sit down between jobs to have a breather and read a couple of chapters. I have developed some health problems recently so I think I need to rest more smile

TillyTrotter Tue 26-Oct-21 11:10:12

I can feel like a sloth during the next few months, but like you travels I do chores and errands in the mornings and read or sew in the afternoons.
I like getting into the garden to do a bit even though there isn’t so much to do.
Maw is right - if we were hedgehogs, for example, we would be hibernating until Spring. 🦔

TillyTrotter Tue 26-Oct-21 11:11:09

Gorgeous Rosie looks so affectionate, a perfect companion MayBe

travelsafar Tue 26-Oct-21 11:31:18

Aww such a lovely looking dog [envy smile]

AGAA4 Tue 26-Oct-21 11:37:55

I think Rosie has the right idea to get cosy and rest. I am also more active in the mornings and don't feel like doing much after about 3pm.

BlueSky Tue 26-Oct-21 12:33:07

Travelsafar I keep active because I’ve still got my DH to encourage me to go out, otherwise I guess I’ll be just like you. Take it easy, it’s winter anyway, you’ll feel more like going out in the spring. brew

ginny Tue 26-Oct-21 13:08:04

I don’t really think you have much I’d a problem. You keep busy in the mornings , walking when you can and are knitting in the afternoons, so being productive.
Take any opportunities to get out but otherwise, relax.

Redhead56 Tue 26-Oct-21 13:48:54

I am staying in bed late in the mornings on my iPad and enjoying it. When we retired three years ago I was helping with our granddaughters for twelve hours a day getting up 5.30 am. Since then I rush for know one as it exhausted and aged me.
I have no guilt whatsoever I am a night owl with my large 🍷 before bed. I never sit still in the day time constantly busy in house or garden no matter what the weather is like.

Redhead56 Tue 26-Oct-21 13:53:37

The dog is gorgeous!

Rosalyn69 Tue 26-Oct-21 15:29:16

Beautiful dog. Do contented.

Gwyneth Tue 26-Oct-21 15:44:23

I think we all tend to do a bit less in the winter time because of the shorter days. I tend to get all my chores done in the morning and usually sit down for an hour or two in the afternoon before cooking a meal. Gorgeous dog MaybeMaw.

Scones Tue 26-Oct-21 17:30:05

I feel the same as you travelsafar These longer dark evenings make me feel lazy and unproductive. Like you I'm busy earlier in the day so I tell myself that by the time I've settled down I've earned some time with my feet up. Also....we're knitting so we're not being entirely lazy smile

Mawbemaw what a beautiful, relaxed pupper. Also, have to say I covet the pretty cushion on the bedroom a garden in cushion form.

Here's my dear old dog watching TV with me and her badger friend in the evening.

Galaxy Tue 26-Oct-21 17:32:35

Yes I am afraid it was the cushion that caught my attention too. I am sure the dog is lovely but the cushion wins for me everytime grin

Barmeyoldbat Tue 26-Oct-21 18:24:10

I know all about getting up late, and why not? I can read the paper (online) with a cup of coffee while in bed instead of sitting downstairs at the table and save on the heating. If I want an extra hours sleep I do. I do stuff until mid afternoon when it’s sit down time and that’s it. Don’t feel guilty and beat yourself up, it’s winter as others have said and it’s all about relaxing.

Kim19 Tue 26-Oct-21 18:50:09

T, I find it very difficult to motivate myself in inclement weather. I used to be immersed in home improvement over the last two winters but that mission is complete therefore good and bad. I try very hard to accept all social offerings and even instigate some to keep me active. It's certainly not easy but you will adapt to your new situation slowly but surely. Me saying you are not alone is certainly not helpful but the fact that you are aware is an absolute bonus. Be interesting to see whether you accept the change in your daily pattern (and why not?) or actively change it. Good luck.

labazsisslowlygoingmad Tue 26-Oct-21 19:15:06

Quite normal to me, when I lived alone I used to do what needed doing in the morning, shopping housework etc then after a late lunch then I would spend time doing my hobbies with a quick break for an evening meal.
Now I finish work at 3 so often just come in with my partner kindly putting the lounge fire on for me and curl up in the chair with a cuppa often falling fast asleep for an hour or so! then evening meal we don't have tv so often are on the computer crafts etc

MayBeMaw Tue 26-Oct-21 23:22:40


Yes I am afraid it was the cushion that caught my attention too. I am sure the dog is lovely but the cushion wins for me everytime grin

Thank you Galaxy
There’s one on the other bedroom chair too.
They were bought to ”dress” the bed, but Rosie does that for me instead.

Chewbacca Wed 27-Oct-21 00:16:59

I wouldn't turn my nose up at your corner chair either Maw! smile

Coolgran65 Wed 27-Oct-21 05:56:59

I sleep badly and am up for 3 or 4 hours in the middle of the night. I then sleep until about 11.. sometimes even later. (Get up earlier if I have an appointment or meet my friend fr a walk and coffee.). I’m then busy for a few hours doing stuff. Sit down with coffee and watch Escape to the Country. I find being up later, husband is also, we don’t have dinner until around 7pm. This suits us fine. Since covid our pattern changed to this.

Lucca Wed 27-Oct-21 06:25:14


I wouldn't turn my nose up at your corner chair either Maw! smile

When you have all finished coveting Maw’s furnishings I’ll have the necklaces !