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I know someone did

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BlueBelle Thu 28-Oct-21 07:28:10

I know someone had contact with Rufus but I can’t remember who ?? Is there any news ?
He often pops into my head and I wonder
The same goes for Betinalove (with THE husband) did anyone hear from her I worried about her situation so much at the time and would love to know if she’s ok

I expect this ll get taken down because we re not allowed to speak about others Shhhh ….but I m human and I think, and
I d like to know about people I m familiar with even if only over the net

Jaxjacky Thu 28-Oct-21 07:43:07

BlueBelle we used to pm each other, last one from him was 8th September, he did say publicly he was poorly.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 28-Oct-21 07:44:56

I was wondering about Rufus only yesterday….. so many who have disappeared over the years.

Kim19 Thu 28-Oct-21 07:48:17

Yep, I enjoyed banter with Rufus too. Usually in the middle of the night for me and he talked about whatever he was eating. It was rather fun......

Aveline Thu 28-Oct-21 07:52:06

I used to be in email contact with him. He'd given me his email in case he was banned again. Sadly, now it doesn't seem to be working any more and emails bounce back.

M0nica Thu 28-Oct-21 08:05:54

That does rather suggest he may have died (or should I say 'passed?) or at best reached a stage where he is no longer capable of using email.

Death should not be a taboo and he was well into his 90s.

Jaxjacky Thu 28-Oct-21 08:19:04

That’s unfortunately the conclusion I’d come to MOnica

Aveline Thu 28-Oct-21 08:21:45


Kim19 Thu 28-Oct-21 08:25:29

Have to confess I was reluctantly thinking along these lines.

BlueSky Thu 28-Oct-21 08:34:57

I was hoping he was in hospital for treatment, but as time passes it gets less and less feasible. Normal conclusion at a certain age, but still sad.

lemsip Thu 28-Oct-21 09:07:39

I'm wondering where FannyC is lately. I liked that she always set up an interesting thread when things were flagging on here.

DanniRae Thu 28-Oct-21 09:29:57

Does anyone ever feel tempted to not post on Gransnet for ages just to see if anyone posts "Where is ****?
It has never entered my head to do such a thing, of course blush

(Sorry if this is a trivial question for what started as a serious post)

CafeAuLait Thu 28-Oct-21 09:34:00

I fear I might be waiting indefinitely, DanniRae. grin

Aveline Thu 28-Oct-21 10:50:54

Sometimes posters are banned or suspended. It's one of the things that led me to leave due to the pretty arbitrary rules being applied to regular and popular posters. I returned in a new incarnation after poster was allowed back.

nadateturbe Thu 28-Oct-21 11:04:42


I'm wondering where FannyC is lately. I liked that she always set up an interesting thread when things were flagging on here.

Fanny posted a thread about faith, I think yesterday.

BlueBelle Thu 28-Oct-21 16:52:57

I m afraid I was fast coming to the conclusion Rufus may have died I do hope he hasn’t but he was/is a good age ( 94 I think)
I m still a little hopeful he may pop up with a ‘good day possums’ thread
Rufus if you do ever see this thread you are remembered and thought of by many of us

M0nica Thu 28-Oct-21 17:21:00

DanniRae I dropped out of GN for 6 months at the beginning of the pandemic. Nobody started a thread about my sudden disappearance, but when I returned to GN I found quite a number of PMs awaiting me from different GN members enquiring after me and what had happened to me. I replied to all, at least if I didn't it was inadvertent.

It was a real tribute to the sense of community that develops between members. As is this thread.

rafichagran Thu 28-Oct-21 17:33:03

I thought of him the other day, sadly I wonder if he is very ill or has died.
I enjoyed the Good Evening thread.

MerylStreep Thu 28-Oct-21 17:41:34

I’ve been on GN for 11 years. Last year through technical problems I had to change my name.
Nobody noticed that the old me had gone. 😂

DanniRae Thu 28-Oct-21 21:46:24

Oh MerylStreep that's too bad! Here's some flowers to make you feel a bit better. And a big smile from me x

janeainsworth Thu 28-Oct-21 21:51:29

Well I knew who you were, Meryl wink

Namsnanny Thu 28-Oct-21 22:09:26

Did Rufus have any one in RL who might deal with his 'things'?

I thought he was on his own.

Calistemon Thu 28-Oct-21 22:17:06

I think he has a son who lives in Melbourne.

Namsnanny Thu 28-Oct-21 22:27:56

I dont suppose people can always access internet accounts in these circumstances. Or indeed think of it, if needs be.