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Is it worth getting an adjustable bed?

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GR8TDane Sun 31-Oct-21 11:02:09

I want one but hubby does not. I like sleeping in a raised position with legs raised too so I’m considering a split mattress one…..does anyone have one and if so, has it aided your sleep & comfort?

Caleo Sun 31-Oct-21 11:58:24

I needed a bed with a downward slope for my acid reflux disease. I used old breeze blocks found in the garden to raise the head end . I have kept that arrangement for years.

timetogo2016 Sun 31-Oct-21 14:22:04

My parents had one due to my mothers breathing problems,it worked for them.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 31-Oct-21 14:29:04

It can make a very great difference to your sleep.

Depending on what kind of bed you have it should be possible to find an adjustable bed base for your side of the bed, so your DH can keep his normal sleeping position too.

Audi10 Tue 02-Nov-21 18:39:25

Agree with the above post

grandMattie Tue 02-Nov-21 18:41:21

You can buy “flower pots” at those shops with mobility aids…
They are very effective.

Joyfulnanna Tue 02-Nov-21 18:45:35

They get a bit creaky over time. You can only use a specific mattress for them (not sprung) if you dont like a foam mattress, you might find them uncomfortable.

Nanagem Tue 02-Nov-21 22:42:28

I love mine, need to keep the head raised for breathing issues, and the feet for swelling. We decided to splash out and get a double, hubby sleeps flat, but loves that he can raise his to read or watch tv. Got it from about 4 years Ok and love it, I have a sprung mattress with memory foam top and it’s very comfortable, been a life changer

Graygirl Fri 05-Nov-21 13:16:30

Had one for 8years split mattress ,great for us . Purchased from Dreams beds that way was able to see working before only one thing you need to keep in mind , you will not be able to move motors very heavy so have it assembled in right place, plus mattress 2ft6in each

poshpaws Sat 06-Nov-21 00:22:02

My Mum and Dad had a dual control one, which was a life saver for Dad as he had emphysema and couldn't breathe lying flat. Mum loved it as she could change position depending on whether she was sleeping or reading or whatever. At the end of her life, when she had cancer, it also proved very useful as it gave her the independence to get in and out of bed unaided for far longer than she would otherwise have been able, and also it supported her when she became pretty much bedridden and wanted to sit up to chat with visitors. It's years ago now, so I'm not sure what competitors are like, but theirs was from Adjustamatic and had a brilliant built in massage function. This is the Adjustamatic website link that i just googled.

DutchDoll Sat 06-Nov-21 22:31:12

My husband and I have had a Tempur adjustable bed for the last 7 years. It's a 5' wide with split bases and mattresses so we can both sleep in our own preferred positions.
It's been a life changer for us and I wouldn't be without it!