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GrannyMacawell Sun 07-Nov-21 16:45:14

Why oh why is recycling so complicated.

annodomini Sun 07-Nov-21 13:07:54

My local council's web site has a recycling page which goes int great detail about what can and can't be put in each bin. Doesn't your local authority provide this kind of information?

greenlady102 Sun 07-Nov-21 12:29:21

it depends on where you live and you may need to check with your council. My sis lives in a different county from me and can recycle much more than I can.

Josianne Sun 07-Nov-21 12:24:57

Mine in cardboard say yes

Teacheranne Sun 07-Nov-21 12:23:59

The ones I buy are made of cardboard so I put in my paper recycling bin as I do with other cardboard boxes. I used to see some fish fingers packed in plastic bags but not sure if they still are.

Luckygirl Sun 07-Nov-21 12:22:03

They have a sort of water-resistant coating and are not like normal cardboard, so I am never sure.

Grannybags Sun 07-Nov-21 12:19:06

I put mine in recycling - now I'm wondering if I should!

henetha Sun 07-Nov-21 12:18:01

If you mean frozen fish finger packets then they are cardboard and easily recycled.

Luckygirl Sun 07-Nov-21 12:15:10

Fish finger boxes?

I am assuming not, but what do others think? Nothing on he box to clarify.