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Does anyone know what this plant is?

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MissAdventure Fri 03-Dec-21 21:44:19

I do, but I would welcome some guesses.
I'm rather proud of it, so it gives me a chance to show off a bit. smile

Actually, it's two plants, but one was a surprise.

NanTheWiser Sat 04-Dec-21 14:55:33

A pineapple IS a Bromeliad!

Grandmabatty Sat 04-Dec-21 09:17:01

An orchid I was given as a gift in March has just produced another flower. It has thrived on benign neglect.

Greyduster Sat 04-Dec-21 09:13:21

We got lost in a pineapple plantation in Malaya once, DH having take a wrong turn off a dirt road. Until then, I had no idea how pineapples grew! Any landmarks? No, just pineapples! There were an awful lot of them😱!

Jaxjacky Sat 04-Dec-21 09:04:56

Thank you for orchid information, mine is two sticks after flowering, I now know to be patient.

janeainsworth Sat 04-Dec-21 08:15:28

Orchids on my bathroom windowsill. They’ve both flowered multiple times.

tanith Sat 04-Dec-21 07:16:11

I do the same as janeainsworth and I’ve had some a long time .

janeainsworth Sat 04-Dec-21 05:33:47

Chewbacca you have to be patient with them. When you buy them in flower, they’ve been forced & won’t flower again probably for another year, at least. But they will, eventually.
I have an orchid intensive care windowsill in my utility room. It faces west. When the flowers have all fallen off the spike they go there until they’ve gathered their strength sufficiently to produce another flower spike, when they get moved somewhere where I can see them.
They only need a little water & occasionally a small feed with miracle-gro.
Eventually they get too many air roots & look straggly & unattractive & they get consigned to the compost heap.
But most of them flower for years & are much better value than cut flowers.

Chewbacca Sat 04-Dec-21 00:27:27

But did it flower again after you cut 'em off MissA? I leave them on; maybe that's what I'm doing wrong?

MissAdventure Sat 04-Dec-21 00:13:58

My neighbour bought me an orchid, but it got on my nerves with those big stems sticking up 5ft in the air.
I cut 'em off! grin

Chewbacca Sat 04-Dec-21 00:11:01

You're doing way better than me MissA. Every year "someone" buys me an orchid because she's really good with them and every year, immediately after flowering, I get left with a few shrivelled leaves and a stick. They never flower again for me.

MissAdventure Fri 03-Dec-21 23:05:51

The pineapple lady.
I shall have to look her up. smile

Nice plant, peasblossom.
It'll give a lovely show by christmas, I bet. grin

MissAdventure Fri 03-Dec-21 23:03:00

I'm hoping it might have a pup.
That's what pineapple babies are called.
Maybe the pot is too small though.

Peasblossom Fri 03-Dec-21 23:02:40

You’re doing better than me and my amaryllis 😳

MissAdventure Fri 03-Dec-21 23:01:24

There are some small leaves around the bottom.
It's called 'elephants ears'.
It just popped up in the old potting soil I used.
I had an elephant ears (no sarky comments please!) years ago and it was the soil that had been in that pot.

Calistemon Fri 03-Dec-21 22:59:44

Very good! I have tried and failed to grow one.

Do you think you'll get another pineapple growing?

JaneJudge Fri 03-Dec-21 22:56:49

there was a lady on gardeners world known as the pineapple lady, did you see it?
you would like her, I felt she was a kindred soul grin

Peasblossom Fri 03-Dec-21 22:56:01

What’s the other one?

MissAdventure Fri 03-Dec-21 22:55:15

Grown from the cut off top of a pineapple, and taking over my kitchen!

Peasblossom Fri 03-Dec-21 22:54:02

A pineapple🙂

MissAdventure Fri 03-Dec-21 22:50:12

Nope! It's not one of those either.

Squiffy Fri 03-Dec-21 22:49:29

Not sure MissA, but I’m not sure you should be smoking it! 😉😆 (thinking of another thread that you’re on!)

MissAdventure Fri 03-Dec-21 22:48:49

Nope! smile

Calistemon Fri 03-Dec-21 22:48:15


MissAdventure Fri 03-Dec-21 22:45:17

Nope. smile

tanith Fri 03-Dec-21 22:32:44

Is it a Bromeliad with the flower spike off? Mine looks very similar