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I went sledding!

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CanadianGran Thu 16-Dec-21 22:49:36

Yesterday I got a text from DIL saying they were going sledding , and if I wanted to join them. It was 4:30 and already getting dark, I had cookie dough just ready, but said yes anyway.

What a blast! We have had about 6" of snow, and there is a gentle hill at the local golf course. It was gloomy dusk, and we could barely see where we were going, but I threw caution to the wind and glided down the hill with my 7 yr old GS and 6 yr GD. I brought my little aussie shepherd, and she chased us gleefully as we went down.

It was a quick playtime, and I was home in an hour tired and happy.

What joyous thing have you done lately?

GagaJo Thu 16-Dec-21 23:00:04

The beach with my DGS. It was also a quick trip for us, because he decided he was dying of hunger (didn't eat his breakfast) and we had to go home. But there was a bright blue sky and it wasn't freezing. He, of course, was in and out of the rock pools in his wellies. It's very much our happy place, so it was nice to have good enough weather to get down there.

Ro60 Thu 16-Dec-21 23:05:56

Just reading your post CanadianGran - I was There with you! The wind in my hair as I raced down the hill. Thanks for sharing 😁

Kate1949 Thu 16-Dec-21 23:57:21


Daisytwoshoes Fri 17-Dec-21 06:50:47

Sounds great fun
Wish we had snow here, myDGS would just love it .

Beechnut Fri 17-Dec-21 06:57:18

It’s been a while since I did any and haven’t forgotten the time we ended up in the brambles. Always put aside any housework to take my daughter sledding. Great fun!

MayBeMaw Fri 17-Dec-21 07:18:17

We used to call it “sledging “ or “tobogganing” if you were posh.

Ah, I assume CanadianGran is in Canada? (No shit Sherlock!)

Grandmadinosaur Fri 17-Dec-21 07:24:13

That sounds wonderful. We also call it sledging.

CanadianGran Fri 17-Dec-21 18:36:03

We used to call it tobogganing when I grew up. Now, in a different part of the country, it is called either sliding or sledding.

Sledding is also used for what I used to call skidooing. Ski-doo is a name brand of snow-mobile, and it is a popular sport for those that like off-road motorized fun. (not me!)

Even here, we have quite a bit of regional language differences.

AreWeThereYet Fri 17-Dec-21 18:40:21

CanadianGran that sounds like so much fun. When we had snow here a few years ago we followed some of the local families to a golf course where they were all sledging. They had a ball and we enjoyed watching.

As for me - well I did have fun putting up the decorations today but not as much fun as sledding 😄

agnurse Fri 17-Dec-21 19:16:47

I haven't gone tobogganing in probably 20 years, at least, but I remember well how fun it was.

FarNorth Fri 17-Dec-21 19:18:33

Thanks for your post - it sounds like a wonderful time. 🌞