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Christmas Night Owls! 🌙 🦉 🎄

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FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 06:29:43

Thank you BlueBelle

BlueBelle Tue 21-Dec-21 05:01:54

There’s a very good NHS site called Headspace Fanny which give lots of tips daily for all sorts of things along the lines of meditation breathing and other ideas You could put it on your phone /pad etc and follow their help and ideas…. it’s free

FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 04:26:29

Ah bless you cg, that’s so kind of you. I will have a look
Hope that the catastrophising has subsided. What is it about the middle of the night and worrying?
It used to drive me mad when I working. I’d be worrying about what happened yesterday, and worrying about the day to come.

cornergran Tue 21-Dec-21 04:14:08

I’m no expert fanny other than I find Mindfulness helps me - usually grin This is a reputable site If the link works it should take you to free resources. Advice given to me about Mindfulness was to suspend disbelief. About right I think. See what you think, if you’d like more of a chat about it then do PM me.

FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 03:55:51

Thanks Urms, good look re the dentist
Night all 😴

Urmstongran Tue 21-Dec-21 03:48:38

I feel your pain FC as a couple of years ago I heated a small jug of milk in a microwave and when I picked up the jug it agitated the boiling milk which flowed over the back of my hand. God it was painful for days.

The paracetamol should be kicking in so I’m back off to my bed hopefully sleep another couple of hours. The alarm is set for 6:30am anyway for childminding duties!

Trust you’re snoozing now corner 🤞

FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 03:32:42

How interesting cg!
DH and I had a lovely phone consultation with a counsellor today who was talking about meditation. Any recommendations please?

FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 03:30:32

Oh no Urms!
I’m nursing a horrible hand. Last week I idiotically poured boiling water on it when attempting to drain pasta.
It was healing really well, but is ridiculously sore now. It’s smothered in Sudocrem

cornergran Tue 21-Dec-21 03:28:34

Hello fanny and urms - and anyone else who drops in.

Ouch, urms, be brave and phone the dentist, toothache isn’t the Christmas gift anyone needs.

Thoughts whirling like the washing machine on fast spin have kept me awake. Middle of the night catastrophising joining in now. Whisper this one, I used to teach sleep management, mindfulness and relaxation. How embarrassing is that? Hey, ho. It will pass. I hope grin.

You’re right fanny, wonderful news for soop. Well deserved.

Music now I think, see if I can relax a bit. Hope sleep comes to us all.

Urmstongran Tue 21-Dec-21 03:19:53

I’m awake. I’ve just made a cuppa and got 2 paracetamol to hand. I went to bed before 9pm as I was tired and had a niggling toothache. It’s just woken me now. Although I’m a devout coward I think a phone call to the dentist will be needed in a few hours.

FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 03:15:35

Anyone about? What are you up to?
What amazing news about Soop’s fund…