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Strangest Christmas ever

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Megs36 Mon 27-Dec-21 10:03:26

Pleased to hear many GNs had a nice Christmas, ours was the oddest ever in 65 years. Lovely meal so on the Eve cooked at our place by Son and daughter-in-law, soon the Day cold meat and bubble! My other half very bad after flare up a few weeks ago of COPD(Emphysema) and spending mostofthe time with very difficult and frightening breathlessness.. I am not able to ‘get around’ much so we watched fair amount of TV . We feel we’ve let down a bit by respiratory people during holiday, but everyone is entitled to a break. I spent a lot of time threatening to ring 111 but he fought that idea. ( had lots of time in the past in hospital) but now we are back to normal (what’s that) something must give. Sorry for this negative post and I really am glad lots of you had lovely family visits,make the most of every moment🥂🥂🥂Happy New Year all.

Gagagran Mon 27-Dec-21 10:51:59

That sounds worrying Megs - your poor DH. I am asthmatic so can relate to the breathlessness. It is scary.

Are your GPs supportive? Could you try and get a review of the help available. You should not be left without support even though it is a Bank Holiday today. If he is no better I would ring 111 regardless of his protests. Thinking of you and glad you had a nice Christmas Eve at least.

Megs36 Mon 27-Dec-21 16:19:24

Thankyou Gagagran, just had visit from respiratory nurse, got anti bs and steroids, had them couple of weeks ago but more this time. Also showed him correct way of using inhaler that he’s had for months! promised another visitWed. If worried call 111 , I’d been saying that for ages but he may take more notice of her….

Calistemon Mon 27-Dec-21 16:25:32

I hope the antibiotics work and he feels better soon.
It's good she is calling again to check on progress and that he will listen to her.

Marydoll Mon 27-Dec-21 16:29:36

Megs, does your not have a Rescue Pack of steroids and antibiotics to keep at home, for these flare ups.
I have just had my pack renewed, as they were about to go out of date.

Thank goodness I did, as I had a very bad respiritory episode yesterday, spent the day in bed.
I hope your husband improves once the steroids kick in.

Megs36 Mon 27-Dec-21 19:54:31

Thanks friends, No Marydoll , never been as bad as this, I’ll ask the doctors when I get the chance. x

Blossoming Mon 27-Dec-21 20:23:11

I’m glad you’ve had some help Megs, hope your husband improves.

Marydoll Mon 27-Dec-21 20:57:11

Megs, it's standard practice here, if you have chronic asthma or COPD.
I only found out by accident, reading about it on here a few years ago. When I asked my GP, he assumed I already had a rescue pack and I have been like this for over forty years! .

Megs36 Tue 28-Dec-21 13:36:03

Thankyou Marydoll, will certainly keep this in mind. Keep safe, keep well.
😘. Thanks everyone.