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Want a laugh? Credit card mishap

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glammanana Fri 31-Dec-21 12:30:29

Quite a few years ago when I was at work full time I had gone to collect rents from a client I had it all sorted to pay into the bank on the following Monday morning and left it by the side of my bed so I would not forget it.
When going to the bedroom I noticed that the money was missing and the coins scattered on the floor by my bed after a look around the only culprit was our Labrador Rosy she had picked up the paper money and had only tried to bury it in the bottom of the garden where she buried bones etc,we managed to save most of the money and luckily the bank where very understanding when I explained the problem.

KG1241 Fri 31-Dec-21 12:19:04

I feel your pain! I have a Labrador pup and when watching TV a couple of weeks ago the TV suddenly kept changing channels, etc etc, guess who was happily lying behind the sofa chewing the remote control!! smile

grannyqueenie Thu 30-Dec-21 22:48:29

kitty thanks, that made me laugh out loud! 🤣

Josieann Thu 30-Dec-21 22:18:22

Oh dear, naughty doggies! They do like hard crunchie things to chew.
These were my son's expensive sunglasses a few months back! Oops.

B9exchange Thu 30-Dec-21 22:13:39

In the days when £5 was a great deal of money, I was hunting for the note I had left out and noticed a bit of blue paper protruding from our white west highland puppy's mouth. Then ensued a merry chase around the house trying to extract the remnant from said puppy, who was thoroughly enjoying this new game. Completing the form for the Bank of England to replace it was difficult, I lost count of the number of times the answer was 'eaten by puppy...'

Hetty58 Thu 30-Dec-21 22:02:16

My dog managed, somehow, to steal a wooden spoon from the dishwasher (must have smelled tasty) and I found bits of it all around the lawn.

Calistemon Thu 30-Dec-21 21:53:18

You may soon start receiving Amazon deliveries - new dog bed, new lead, some doggie treats 😂😂😂🐕

kittylester Thu 30-Dec-21 21:30:49

DH was a dentist. The head of our children's school was a patient and had broken her denture. DH collected it from her at school, sent it to the technician who repaired it and delivered it to our house for dh to take into school next morning.

Our Basset had other ideas!!!

Kim19 Thu 30-Dec-21 19:14:07

Wonder if that's what happened to my brand new diary?!!

Trisha57 Thu 30-Dec-21 19:03:11

My sister's dog age her dental plate with two false teeth on it - twice in the space of a year!!!

25Avalon Thu 30-Dec-21 19:02:37

She won’t eat her proper food half the time and she’s a Labrador obviously with expensive tastes.

lemsip Thu 30-Dec-21 18:56:31

you must feed your dog more, ha ha

25Avalon Thu 30-Dec-21 18:50:50

I used my credit card in the conservatory earlier this afternoon. Moved into the lounge and went to place another order. Where is my card? I thought I brought it with me. No, must have left it in the conservatory. I’ll get it when I get to the checkout. The dog is making a chewing sound. Sounds like a pen being bitten. Hang on, it’s my card!!! The edges are all chewed up but all the relevant info is there. Won’t go in a card machine and contactless may or may not work.

I rang the lost and stolen card section of my credit card provider and couldn’t stop laughing as I explained. A new one is being sent with the same numbers so I can carry on using the old one online.