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Airport alarms.

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Peartree Wed 09-Feb-22 07:18:07

Now people can fly again I was thinking about the last time I flew. I had a knee replacement and went through the gate and yes the alarm went off. I was pulled to the side like a drug smuggler and had to be scanned. I did explain about my knee but the lady didnt take any notice. I now have my other knee replaced and have pins in my ankle. So I should imagine the alarms will go crazy next time I fly.
I read somewhere you can get a note from your GP but they dont take any notice of that. Just having a moan really. Has anybody else been through this.

Peartree Wed 09-Feb-22 07:23:03

Just to add when I got to my destination i was scanned again and returning too.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 09-Feb-22 07:31:35

Better the Airport staff are extra cautious than someone getting through with a suspect item which could cause untold carnage.

tanith Wed 09-Feb-22 07:34:47

I always tell them about my hip implants and really don’t mind that I am asked to remove my shoes and they wand me as well. After all it’s for everyone’s safety.

monk08 Wed 09-Feb-22 07:52:21

We haven't flown since DH had an ICD fitted but he has a card which he should carry at all times, to be shown if he triggers any alarms. All details are on there including consultation who did the operation.

Aveline Wed 09-Feb-22 08:02:14

I tell them about my new knees and hips but the alarm isn't usually triggered. These new whole body scans must show the implants very clearly.

LullyDully Wed 09-Feb-22 08:14:51

When I flew last...ages ago now...all us hip replaced, oldies were queuing to go through the special scan. Made me laugh, all the ancient terrorists and smugglers.

Newquay Wed 09-Feb-22 10:00:41

Yes I was the same Lully Dully! I find it funny-although I just smile and comply and thank them for keeping us safe.
I was in Eurostar seems years ago and was walking to reclaim my case when a formation of armed, tough (young looking) soldiers passed either side of me. I thanked them and said I was glad to see them. Some just politely nodded and said “merci” without taking their eyes of searching round. Reassuring and scary all at once!

Mrst1405 Wed 09-Feb-22 10:11:11

I have 2 knee replacements and gets stopped and wanded every time. It doesn't help that I have trouble waking and standing still so that doesn't help.Its just part of travelling and I would rather be inconvenienced for a few minutes than blow up!

ixion Wed 09-Feb-22 14:05:01

I broke my fingers once a few days before travelling to see our son and nearly one year old. After the cast was removed, I asked for a velcro-ed splint, as cooler in hot climes and less chance of braining the baby!
It was very scary in transit at Dubai airport. I was physically led away from the family and taken to a small, windowless room. I removed the splint, jt was placed in a tray which was taken away at arm's length for further examination.
No English explanation. No opportunity to tell my husband and children ahead of me in the inspection queue.

AreWeThereYet Wed 09-Feb-22 14:47:40

The wires in my bra once set off the alarms at the airport when flying home from Denmark. I was flying with my boss for a business trip and felt a bit embarrassed but he was highly amused.

SueDonim Wed 09-Feb-22 15:23:36

I have a pin and screws in my leg after I broke it. Sometimes it sets off alarms, sometimes it doesn’t. You just have to go with it.

Last time I flew something in my hand luggage set off an alarm at the transit airport in Doha. It turned out to be a crochet hook which I was using to pass the time on the long flight to Australia. It set off a conversation with a female member of staff who wanted to see what I was making and have a look at the pattern etc. grin

Welshwife Wed 09-Feb-22 15:25:11

I set the alarms off at Bristol airport because the necklace I was wearing had a heavy metal decoration drop thing. I was frisked as well!
A tin of mints in my pocket set the security alarm off when I was in the Sears Tower. It must be quite a regular occurrence as the security man immediately asked if I had mints in my pocket!
DS has a pin in his leg which used to set off alarms but not so much now.

Esspee Wed 09-Feb-22 15:35:00

Being scanned is a routine and necessary part of air travel nowadays. I can’t think why anyone gets upset about it.
Far from moaning about it I am grateful such security exists.

crazyH Wed 09-Feb-22 15:43:42

At one airport, I had to take out my trainers and hand it over to them, for a special scan. I guess I have one of those suspicious faces😂

tanith Wed 09-Feb-22 16:35:27

They scan trainers because many have those really thick soles perfect for hiding stuff, wearing them or packed.

Serendipity22 Thu 10-Feb-22 22:41:43

Personally it wouldnt bother me in the slightest it would prove that they are doing their job

I wear a F.E.S ( Functional electro stimulator for drop foot )

I carry all necessary paperwork with me i am more than happy to explain.


mokryna Thu 10-Feb-22 23:04:24

Heathrow, I was wearing a medical backbrace, of course the alarms went off. I explained the reason why but was taken to a side room where they insisted I took it off even though I said I would be in pain. …. On thé other hand I have never been stopped for the asthma syringe I have carried in my bag for the last 20+ years through countless airports though, which I more often than not forget to show.

Callistemon21 Thu 10-Feb-22 23:52:44

Has anybody else been through this.

Yes, nearly every time, different airports. My family think it's very funny but it is embarrassing!

Callistemon21 Thu 10-Feb-22 23:53:46


They scan trainers because many have those really thick soles perfect for hiding stuff, wearing them or packed.

DH always has to take his shoes and his belt off.
Good thing his trousers stay up.

Georgesgran Fri 11-Feb-22 12:28:37

DD is a wheelchair user and always taken aside to be ‘frisked’
Usually not too bad but quite intrusive as they feel under her. However, one year in Paris, she said she had been so intimately frisked that she felt quite upset.
However, it’s something we all have to live with now.