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The shame of decorating my bedroom.

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travelnan Fri 11-Feb-22 16:22:14

I am having my bedroom decorated, it seemed like a good idea at the time, when both daughters said "Why don't you have some new furniture at the same time?" Why not I thought I have had these fitted units for 15 years and they are looking a little dated. Well, today two nice men came to dismantle said units ready for the decorator to start on Monday. Oh the shame, how can things fall down the back of units not to mention the dust. I did apologise to the two nice men who just laughed and said "What did you expect?" Anyone fancy a chocolate orange, still in wrapper with a sell by date of 2014?

Smileless2012 Fri 11-Feb-22 16:27:21

That's the thing about fitted units travelnan you have no idea what you'll find behind them until they're taken down.

I think I'll pass on the chocolate orange but thanks for the offergrin.

midgey Fri 11-Feb-22 16:30:41

When I was a child my father gave me a riding crop for my pony. Years later my children were fighting with it so I hid it under our bed……..god knows what the removal men thought years later 🤭

Sweetpeasue Fri 11-Feb-22 16:39:57

My son's friend who is a gas fitter once changed a broken radiator for us
Mortified when he handed me a pair of old faded looking knickers he'd found from behind old radiator. 😱

PollyDolly Fri 11-Feb-22 16:50:39

This OP struck a chord with me; we had a new kitchen 15 months ago. The day before installation started we began removing units as we were selling some on. On the shame.......the gap between the top of the upper cupboards wasn't deep enough to get your hand in to clean BUT plenty big enough for dust, grease, dead spiders, dead flies.....Og the shame!

PollyDolly Fri 11-Feb-22 16:51:13

ARGH! OH the shame

ShazzaKanazza Fri 11-Feb-22 16:51:17

Ha ha great thread travelnan.

Hetty58 Fri 11-Feb-22 16:51:59

Oh yes, the shame and horror of it all! A very dishy young chap, repairing the washing machine, checked the pump.

An awful stagnant water smell - and he fished out a pair of frilly, lacy, black knickers. 'They're not mine!' I blurted out (they were) - and I felt my face going red.

Then, the removal men took my son's mattress off - and asked where to put all the porn magazines.

BlueBalou Fri 11-Feb-22 16:53:21

Oh crumbs! I have this pleasure to come in the next few months 😱
I remember utterly cringing when the old kitchen was stripped out, grim doesn’t begin to describe it!

Georgesgran Fri 11-Feb-22 17:42:13

The repair man pulled out my old washing machine and was quite disturbed to find a mummified mouse! Cat must’ve brought it in alive and it had managed to escape only to die under the appliance!
A friend noticed an odd smell in a bedroom so she and her cleaner moved the bed to find a dead seagull - miles away from the sea.

eazybee Fri 11-Feb-22 17:53:00

When my fitted bedroom furniture was removed it was too close to the wall for much to accumulate, but behind it we discovered the perfect paint colour we had been searching for over the years to tone with the carpet: faded builders' magnolia.

love0c Fri 11-Feb-22 17:56:24

I bet that Chocolate Orange is a darn sight bigger than the ones now!!! grin

MiniMoon Fri 11-Feb-22 18:57:48

When we were moving g house, the removal men found a small box I'd hidden in my bedroom. It contained 2 teen bras that I'd bought for my young daughter and had forgotten about.

Kim19 Fri 11-Feb-22 19:01:37

Don't worry. If it's behind the units it'll be clean dirt. A bit like the invisible dirt one of the vacuum adverts finds.

3dognight Fri 11-Feb-22 21:33:13

The plumber found a vibrator down the back of a bedroom cupboard blush

Chestnut Fri 11-Feb-22 23:26:31

I'll bet all these workmen find this totally hilarious! Especially if it's something we find embarrassing. I doubt a bit of dirt would interest them.

Grammaretto Sat 12-Feb-22 08:10:58

I am in the throes of having a kitchen installed and when the nice man pulled out the old corner cupboard he found 9 bread and chopping boards had fallen down the space at the back. 9! How did I never notice they were missing grin

Daisymae Sat 12-Feb-22 14:37:29

When our bedroom was decorated the painter found a large, hideous but extremely high quality print of a clown on top of the fitted wardrobe. He asked me what he should do with it, I told him to put it back. Its still there, I just try not to think about it.

Ailidh Sat 12-Feb-22 16:00:54

Well, it would never have happened to me!

(I'd have ripped the house apart looking for that missing chocolate orange...😜)

M0nica Sat 12-Feb-22 16:08:20

Why so embarrassed? I bet removal/wardrobe/kitchen installers have seen things far more eyebrow raising than anything mentioned here.

Grammaretto Sat 12-Feb-22 17:48:36

Well maybe they aren't shockable M0nica but I'll bet they enjoy a good laugh down the pub. grin

I used to think that waiters in restaurants were cool and unaffected by customers' foibles, until I worked in one and joined in the giggling behind the scenes!!

foxie48 Sat 12-Feb-22 18:13:21

Don't worry about what is found by removal men they all pale into insignificance when compared what doctors in A&E find.

midgey Sat 12-Feb-22 18:45:10

Roxie that made me laugh! I have heard rumours along those lines!

Ali08 Sat 12-Feb-22 18:52:30

Haha, Travelnan is that the worst they found?
Honestly, they've seen much, much worse. I hope you gave them a cuppa to go with that chocolate egg! 😆

Ali08 Sat 12-Feb-22 18:59:27


When I was a child my father gave me a riding crop for my pony. Years later my children were fighting with it so I hid it under our bed……..god knows what the removal men thought years later 🤭

Roflmao. Our bed collapsed so I asked my daughter to sort it for me. She got her BF to help. Only I forgot there were a certain couple of toys underneath it. Luckily, we all have a naughty sense of humour. Lol