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Grans involved in Winter Olympics

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Rosiebee Sun 13-Feb-22 12:52:00

I have just watched a mini doc on Facebook about the fact that the bouquets handed out to the winners have been crocheted by local ladies. The doc interviewed one of the ladies and showed them all working at making the flowers and assembling the bouquets. They talked about the other projects they do such as making jumpers to keep children warm. Sadly for all crocheters out there, all the subtitles refered to it as knitting. Wish it could be shown on television. A lovely example of us "old dears" being creative and useful.

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Feb-22 13:28:15

Here’s one. The flowers are gorgeous. I’d love something similar

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Feb-22 13:29:10

I think that this is one for Witzend!smile

Yammy Sun 13-Feb-22 13:41:40

After taking two months to crochet an Afghan zig-zag multi-coloured pram cover, trying to find and eventually making up my own pattern to get the zigzag going I think I'll be giving doubles and trebles a miss on the flowers. They are absolutely beautiful and must take hours to make, I wonder if there are English patterns for them.

Gwyneth Sun 13-Feb-22 13:47:30

They’re really beautiful. What talented ladies.

Gwyneth Sun 13-Feb-22 13:49:34

You’re right Fanny definitely one for Witzend

Callistemon21 Sun 13-Feb-22 14:01:34


I think that this is one for Witzend!smile

Witzend doesn't crochet!
She knits. I don't think she'd mind me saying

I do crochet but it's way beyond me 🙂
Or at least, too fiddly. They are lovely and a keepsake.

Rosiebee Sun 13-Feb-22 14:17:52

There are some amazing examples on Pinterest of crochet bouquets and pot plants.

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Feb-22 14:26:03

Oh, I thought that she did both.
Me, I do neither

Rosiebee Sun 13-Feb-22 14:27:05

Happy Hookers!

Callistemon21 Sun 13-Feb-22 23:11:38

They're lovely.

I saw a pattern for crocheted tulips today and thought they're pretty but ..... No!