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A friend has good news and it's lifted my mood!

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Shandy57 Wed 09-Mar-22 16:22:01

Hello everyone, I made friends with a dog walker last summer. A few months later I became acquainted with his parents and sister who come with him for the car ride and a shorter walk on the beach. My dog absolutely loves his sister as she makes a great fuss of him, it makes his day when he sees her.

I have hardly seen the family this winter as I am loathe to commit to a time, plus I hate driving in the dark.

This morning I went dog walking around the village unusually early for me, and bumped into the sister who was parking her car ready to go in for a local interview. My dog was so surprised and pleased to see her, and she gave him his usual cuddle.

I got a call from her just now, saying she was offered the job!

So very nice to get good news for a change smile

Chardy Wed 09-Mar-22 17:44:28

Lovely little story

mokryna Wed 09-Mar-22 17:51:14

Thank you for sharing.

Josieann Wed 09-Mar-22 17:59:13

It's the ordinary little things that bring joy, (not that the offer of a job is a small thing for her.) More doggy cuddles from now on!

Kim19 Wed 09-Mar-22 18:02:27

Happy news indeed. Terrific!