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20 week pregnancy scan quality

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Oldnproud Thu 10-Mar-22 09:26:59

These scans really seem to have improved vastly in the last year or two, don't they.

We were shown a twelve-week scan some months ago, and were impressed with the clarity of that - on most that we had seen in the past, it was not always possible to even pick out the shape of baby.

More recently, we were shown the twenty-week scan photo.
It was so clear that both another family member and I instantly saw an uncanny likeness in the head and face to baby's cousin. When I say 'likeness', I mean that it was the spitting image! It was so striking that it brought me out in goosebumps.

I wonder if we will still see it when baby is born.

Has this happened to anyone else?

lemsip Thu 10-Mar-22 09:38:10

my granddaughter is 27 now but I still remember my son telling me about the scan and emphasising to me saying 'you don't understand mum....'*I know what she.*looks like*'!

I can imagine how far they have come on since then

ShazzaKanazza Thu 10-Mar-22 09:43:00

They are so clear, the 12 week scan generally now picks out a perfect baby image. On my DDs 20 week scan the scanner gave her a load of free images as DD is a midwife and there was a perfect image of baby’s lips in a wonderful pucker.

Hetty58 Thu 10-Mar-22 09:48:32

My family have private '4D' baby scans - so detailed that it's like looking straight through a window! I really don't understand what 4D is, though - dimensions stop at 3 for me!

Oldnproud Thu 10-Mar-22 09:53:25

It's amazing, isn't it.

Prior to this, the last scans I saw were four years ago, and they were nothing like these latest ones.

I still can't get over that likeness to cousin. As I said, the spitting image!

annodomini Thu 10-Mar-22 10:23:41

I hadn't really thought about a resemblance at 20 weeks, but I've just looked at my copy of my future GGD's scan, and there might be a slight resemblance to my DGD, her aunt. Not a spitting image, but time will tell. I'll can't wait to see her in June.

Oldnproud Thu 10-Mar-22 18:28:38

That is the same month as we hope to welcome our new arrival, too, annodomini. Like you, I can't wait 😊