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good weather for next few days please don't lets waste it

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infoman Thu 24-Mar-22 07:15:52

We don't get too many good weather days in a row,
so lets take advantage of these lovely days and get out and about, at least until this coming monday

Sara1954 Thu 24-Mar-22 08:07:17

I was feeling really happy about a sunny weekend, imagining a trip to the coast, or just pottering in the garden.
But no, it seems my husband has been volunteered to take one of our grandsons to a rugby match, and I’ve been volunteered to take a granddaughter to a swim meet, no worse place to be on a hot day.
But I hope everyone enjoys the glorious weather, as you say infoman. Let’s not waste it.

ginny Thu 24-Mar-22 08:24:28

Is there any particular reason why you were asked to take the children ?
If not why didn’t you say you already have plans ?

Sara1954 Thu 24-Mar-22 09:41:14

They have a completely useless father, and mum can’t be everywhere at once, they live with us, so we share responsibilities.

ginny Thu 24-Mar-22 10:16:51

Fair enough. Sad for you that you can’t just ‘ do your own thing’ .
Hope you manage to enjoy a little of the good weather.

Sara1954 Thu 24-Mar-22 10:23:18

It is what it is, hopefully there will be lots more sunshine to come

BBbevan Thu 24-Mar-22 10:35:27

DH seems to want to do everything on our summer list in the next few days ‘in case’. I have already painted a shed and it is only 10:30
I have told him to slow down. Another 6 months of hopefully good weather to come.Anyway what’s the rush. Enjoy the sun .

ayse Thu 24-Mar-22 10:40:56

Currently stuck in hospital with a partially collapsed lung. I’m looking enviously out of the window and wondering when I’m going to be able to go home. Sitting around and not going out is so difficult.

Casdon Thu 24-Mar-22 10:44:22

The issue for me is that I far prefer being outside, and the weather’s been lovely for a few days now. My garden now looks good, but my house looks like a tip - I’m forcing myself to do housework today regardless of the weather (hence I’m procrastinating as I hate housework).

M0nica Thu 24-Mar-22 10:56:06

We travelled down to Portsmouth Wednesday last week in heavier rain than I can ever remember experiencing unremittingly for so long.

Once we crossed the channel we were in glorious sunshine and clear cold nights. The first 4 days were too cold for garden work but since Sunday I have been in the garden getting rid of the two years of weeds that have grown in a long COVID absence.

Tomorrow we come home, and allowing for the lack of gardening opportunities on the ferry (NOT P&O), I will be back in the home garden from Saturday onwards

BigBertha1 Thu 24-Mar-22 11:02:10

ayse I am sorry. I hope you are getting better and will be home soon.

We have spent the last 2 days setting the garden to rights planting and repositioning some things - well DH has I just gave directions and popped some pansies in a big pot.

Hopefully my first full round of golf this year tomorrow.

Have a lovely spring day everyone - don't get sunburnt. smile

Honeysuckleberries Thu 24-Mar-22 11:02:28

What about those of us who can’t get out and about? Am I wasting it if I just stay at home?

BlueSky Thu 24-Mar-22 11:59:57

Exactly Honeysuckleberries I thought the same thing, even if in my case, I’m willing and able to go out and about.

jaylucy Thu 24-Mar-22 12:08:51

It would be nice to think that it will at least extend for another week beyond this !
Not looking forward to sitting in a freezing cold house while I have all the windows and external doors replaced at the end of next week at all !
I will be sitting in my coat, with a blanket wrapped round me as it will be impossible to close off each room that they do!

paddyann54 Thu 24-Mar-22 12:35:47

Wasting time is one of my OH's fears.So he fills all his days with things that often dont need done .He will not be told that taking time out is not a waste its for his benefit .
Ladies who wont be out and about dont be guiltripped by people telling you you're wasting a good ,sunny day.Just enjoy the day in whatever way you want .Some of us dont actually like the sun,so I'll be indoors .Not wasting the day .

Purplepixie Thu 24-Mar-22 12:40:27

ayse - hope you get better soon.

The weather certainly cheers us up. I have just been for a walk and there were lots of people out walking dogs etc. Lovely! Make the most of it as it is going to be a bit colder next week.

M0nica Thu 24-Mar-22 20:08:32

Why do people get this constant feeling of feeling defensive and guilty when they cannot join a group we are as a whole being encouraed to join?

No one can be part of every group. Their will always be groups we cannot join because we lack a skill, or have a health problem or other commitments. This thread is all about those who can, making the most of the good weather while it is possible. Some people for good reason or no reason at all can't. So what?

Why do some of those who cannot do something, feel that they cannot be happy until they have done the best to ruin it for everybody else?