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How good to see George Alagiah back

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Casdon Thu 14-Apr-22 18:17:29

George Alagiah is back presenting the news on BBC1 tonight after some months off receiving cancer treatment again. I’ve missed him, he’s my favourite newsreader and I’m so glad he’s fit enough to return to work.

Calendargirl Thu 14-Apr-22 18:20:50

Yes, I was pleased to see him too Casdon.

Oldbat1 Thu 14-Apr-22 18:21:44

I was thrilled to see him. I’ve been worried. He has the same cancer and at same stage as my husband. He looks well but so does my husband. Their cancers are growing, their cancers won’t be cured but both are alive!

Whitewavemark2 Thu 14-Apr-22 18:23:08

New specs!

Antonia Thu 14-Apr-22 19:34:23

It's good to see him back again.

crazyH Thu 14-Apr-22 19:35:50

No, I did not see him but I have been waiting for some good news about him. Glad he’s doing ok, all things considered . Thanks Casdon ..

joannapiano Thu 14-Apr-22 19:41:16

We were very pleased to hear he was coming back to TV. DH also has stage 4 cancer (prostate) and it’s so nice for him to hear good news for once.
George Alagiah was/is? a Governor at our old Grammar School where we met.
DH also continues to look and feel well, Oldbat1.
Best wishes to you and your husband .

Coastpath Thu 14-Apr-22 20:22:28

After my father he took up a part time job as a driver and one of his clients was George Alagiah. Dad held George in the highest esteem and said he was an absolute gentleman with time for everyone. My mum was ill at the time and George always remembered to ask about her.

Coastpath Thu 14-Apr-22 20:23:00

After my father 'retired' grrrr.

Oldbat1 Thu 14-Apr-22 20:45:16

joannapiano thank you for your kind wishes. I hope your husband continues to do well. My husband also had prostate cancer 14yrs ago which was treated successfully. Now he has a different Stage 4 cancer. Best wishes to you both.

BlueSky Thu 14-Apr-22 20:55:09

Pleased to hear, I was rather worried when he left last year for further treatment. It gives others hope. Spotted him one day years ago while we were out and about.

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 14-Apr-22 20:56:43

Always great to hear good news about cancer survivors. George Aligiah is a favourite of mine too. Oldbat, I hope that your husband continues to look and feel well

Floradora9 Thu 14-Apr-22 21:34:26

The veteran news presenter, 66, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in 2014.

Now he was pleased to reveal he had reunited with his BBC colleagues after several months of cancer treatment.

Taking to social media, Alagiah explained it felt good to be back with his News at Six colleagues and in the BBC studios.

“I’ll be back in the @BBCNews studio today after months of treatment,” Alagiah told his social media followers. “Pure coincidence - it’s 8 years to the day since I was told I had stage 4 #bowelcancer. So good to be with the News at Six team again.”

Pepper59 Fri 15-Apr-22 00:32:25

It was a lovely surprise to see him on the news.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 15-Apr-22 09:15:32

I haven’t seen him yet but so pleased he’s back. How lovely to hear from Coastpath that he really is the gentleman he has always seemed to be.

MissAdventure Fri 15-Apr-22 09:17:23

My daughter always really liked him.
She said he has such a lovely kind face. smile

Jane71 Fri 15-Apr-22 10:13:49

Yes we like him too, though not sure about those glasses.