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Rise Up And Serve - song for theJubilee

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Grandmafrench Fri 22-Apr-22 23:47:14

I watched the video and then listened to the backing track before looking at the lyrics. I actually think that as an anthem, with a strong choir, it's very sing-a-long-able. Presume this is the intention - street parties, youth club choirs, school choirs etc., The music is surprisingly appealing and for a celebration would pass the Old Grey Whistle Test.

The video, however, is not and some of the lyrics are really quite naff; with some lines like they've been borrowed straight from a Hallmark card - and I think that will put a lot of people off.

Callistemon21 Fri 22-Apr-22 23:06:13

I don't think this is official, Luckygirl

To confess - I'd never heard of the composer before!

Luckygirl3 Fri 22-Apr-22 22:34:40

Oh good grief! - hands over ears! What a piece of rubbish! Surely HRM has not endorsed this in any way!

When I listen to the Ukranian National anthem I always admire the writing - no wonder they are proud of it.

Nothing for us to be proud of here. What a load of manure this surely is!

Hopikins Fri 22-Apr-22 22:24:57


ElaineI Fri 22-Apr-22 22:13:39

Gee Whizz 🤮

Grandma70s Fri 22-Apr-22 21:00:19

I saw the name of Graham Kendrick which would normally make me run a mile, but I had a look at the words. Rather feeble, I thought, a bit tacky. Surely it should be a higher standard? Haven’t tried the music yet.

Parsley3 Fri 22-Apr-22 17:30:38

At first glance I thought it was something to do with Wimbledon. I would have preferred something cheerier with a more rousing chorus.

Sparklefizz Fri 22-Apr-22 17:16:30

Thanks for that link, GA. It's nothing special, is it?

grannyactivist Fri 22-Apr-22 16:44:12

For those who are interested in celebrating the Royal Jubilee I thought you might like to see/hear this: