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The lengths some people go to....

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merlotgran Sat 30-Apr-22 18:09:27

When they don't want their children's faces to be photographed.

I'm sorry but this really made me laugh.

Septimia Sat 30-Apr-22 18:27:23

Made me chuckle, too

ElaineI Sun 01-May-22 00:59:21

Like DGS2 (4). Needs a straight jacket to get his hair cut so it isn't. His is straight though but getting blonder again with being outside so much. The photos are quite sweet and very natural. Much nicer with a mobile to get instant natural photos nowadays.

BigBertha1 Sun 01-May-22 06:50:23

Very cute I thought.

Ailidh Sun 01-May-22 07:06:26

Cute kid. Stunning hair.

Joseanne Sun 01-May-22 07:12:38

His blonde hair is the first thing you notice, face or no face. He obviously likes his little red shoes, he has them on in every photo. My DGS had some little boots once he wanted to wear to bed!

Mollygo Sun 01-May-22 08:49:00

The bucket is really overkill🤣🤣🤣 but think of all the comments there’d be about pictures of children on the media!

Audi10 Sun 01-May-22 08:53:08

Very cute

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 01-May-22 08:55:20

Lovely pics