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Feeling unexpectedly smug

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Aveline Mon 02-May-22 11:11:56

The dreaded time had come to renew my phone and TV package. I took a deep breath and phoned BT today expecting hours on the phone pressing buttons and trying to enter numbers. However, the phone was answered quickly and a chat ensued with a very helpful chap and after explaining what I wanted he spoke to his manager and lo and behold I've got more than I asked for at £5 less a month. It was such a relief as I hate these calls and always expect to be worse off.

JaneJudge Mon 02-May-22 11:13:28


Pepper59 Mon 02-May-22 11:14:03

Thats good, like yourself I hate business calls. Well done for getting it sorted.

inishowen Mon 02-May-22 11:40:24

I'm feeling smug too. A few years ago my daughter gave me an ancestry dna kit. At the time I couldn't activate it and felt stupid. Today I thought I'd try again. This time it all went smoothly and I have my sample all ready to send off!

sodapop Mon 02-May-22 12:13:54

Oh well done Aveline I hate making those sort of calls as well.

Teacheranne Mon 02-May-22 12:19:00

I need to contact Virgin about my big increase in the contract but I keep putting it off after my experience previously. I did as folks told me, told them I would change to a different provider if the could not make me an offer, I was pretty shocked when the man said, that’s fine, when would you like to end the contract! No discussion about reducing my bill or offering me the new box, zilch!

Aveline Mon 02-May-22 13:17:19

Oh dear Teacheranne switch to BT?
I was a bit surprised when I phoned Direct Line to say I was finishing with them and they said OK. I really had got a much lower quote from another company but I thought they'd at least try!

kittylester Mon 02-May-22 14:27:41

We just got a message from Sky to say our package had gone down by £5 so we are not tempting fate.