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This made me smile -meerkats.

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Joseanne Wed 25-May-22 09:09:44

How do they choose which one is going to do the sentry job? Do they have a rota?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-May-22 08:27:23

Astounding society they live in. There was a programme about animal society this week which was so interesting.

It was how things survive as a community from tiny wasps to various species including big apes.

They survive so successfully because they sacrifice personal freedoms for the greater good.

A lesson for the government.

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 08:19:28

Adorable really is the word ♥️

GagaJo Tue 24-May-22 23:35:01

Adorable. And what a lovely job he has!

grannydarkhair Tue 24-May-22 22:48:07

I wonder just how long he actually lay there?