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bevisp1 Fri 24-Jun-22 13:14:29

After seeing todays verdict that yet again she is getting away without a jail sentence, only to just do community service! Will she ever learn???

Ali08 Sun 26-Jun-22 05:02:21

That bloody woman thinks she's above everyone else, and this has just made her think it even more!!!

She is bankrupt, supposedly, but flies off on holidays - 6 so far this year, and it's only June!!
She has plastic surgery like it's going out of date!
I wonder if the fathers of her children have ever considered going for custody? I'm sure it would do the children good!
I just can't understand how the hell she ALWAYS gets away with everything?
Oh, and she has 2 new puppies. How long will these poor pups live?

JaneJudge Fri 24-Jun-22 19:24:55

I think we all may be part of the problem of people making judgement on her and other people in the public eye and I doubt that is a life choice once you have to pay your mortgage rent etc - like the rest of us I suppose but I don't suppose we get the same judgment in our faces

BlueBelle Fri 24-Jun-22 19:11:19

Katie Price is a very damaged soul she is a loving mother and all the children seem to adore her She has a very deep connection with Harvey and for all her faults I think she is a loving and fun mum The children all seem nice kids
I don’t think Peter Andre is a saint but obviously comes from a more stable background
Her sister seems a very ordinary person I haven’t read any of her autobiographies what made her mum put her in the line light so early in Katie’s young life

Iam64 Fri 24-Jun-22 19:04:45

I’ve extensive knowledge of the
Impact of drugs n alcohol on unborn babies and on children throughout their developmental years. It’s not a cheery picture but I’ve rarely met a parent who didn’t live their children and want the best for them

Kerry Katona’s early years snd care history are in the public domain. In many ways, she’s a survivor
The celebrity life style is aspired to by many
Especially, vulnerable adolescents. Good enough parents will step in and stop the opportunity to “be a model” because they know the risks. Katie P was a ‘glamour model’ too young by far. Her life is escalating out of control. Pity she hasn’t engaged with the therapy she needs

Chewbacca Fri 24-Jun-22 19:02:30

Well she put a bit more effort into his care than his father.

Didn't she post would be deleted if I said what I thought of DY.

Oldwoman70 Fri 24-Jun-22 18:57:12

I doubt if she will learn anything from this - she will probably end up making a "reality" programme about doing community service. I also understand she is due back in court in 2 weeks regarding a 10th driving offence.

I really hope she somehow gets the help she needs and comes to her senses before she causes serious damage to herself or someone else

Galaxy Fri 24-Jun-22 18:41:45

Well she put a bit more effort into his care than his father.

3nanny6 Fri 24-Jun-22 18:33:47

I also did not imply that Katie Prices drinking had caused any of Harveys health conditions and am aware that his conditions are very specific.

In view of how any pregnant woman should conduct herself whilst in pregnancy I would point out that there is actually something called alcohol foetul syndrome which is when the unborn child is directly harmed by the mother drinking when the child is in the womb. I have seen some of these babies and they are born smaller than the usual infant and many have complications that will effect them throughout their lives. Without blaming Katie Price it is common knowledge that one should take good care of themselves when pregnant.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 24-Jun-22 18:28:09

Some of her children are old enough to read the newspaper reports about their mother. I wonder what they think. At least they seem to be living mainly with their fathers these days.

Chewbacca Fri 24-Jun-22 18:25:37

That's fair enough Livey smile I agree with you that KP doesn't seem to help herself; she's admitted herself that she has a self destruct button. I feel that she's a product of her childhood experiences and, whilst aghast at some of the things she's done, I'm also sympathetic.

3nanny6 Fri 24-Jun-22 18:18:22

Livey yes you are right when she was pregnant with Harvey she still partied and drank I remember seeing pictures of her falling out of nightclubs with her pregnant belly on show.
One thing I have never seen pictures of is her taking drugs but
poor talented Amy Winehouse took enough drugs and also Paula Yates and then her daughter Peaches tragically took the overdose. Lile I mentioned Kerry Catona had a thing with cocaine also it must be the celebrity lifestyle.

Livey Fri 24-Jun-22 18:12:46

Chewbacca, I certainly didn't want to imply that Harvey's disorder had anything to do do with her behaviour
I was making a point that no matter what the circumstances, she does not appear to help herself

Chewbacca Fri 24-Jun-22 18:07:03

the drinking and parties never stopped hmm

Harvey has Septo-optic Dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder affecting his eyesight, as well as autism and Prader-Willi syndrome, none of which is caused by a pregnant mother's lifestyle or behaviour. Not nice to imply that his serious health conditions were caused by his mother.

3nanny6 Fri 24-Jun-22 18:05:31

I also agree with other posters about the celebs and one that comes to mind is Kerry Catona she went through times when she was addicted to cocaine. She always suddenly comes back into the spotlight with her peroxide hair and looking like she has just had an amazing face lift I don't know how these celebs do it but they just keep going.

Livey Fri 24-Jun-22 17:59:46

Am I the only one that has no sympathy for her.
Her children, yes, not only for the way she behaves but how she appears to bring them up.
I am thinking of Princess, and way she was allowed to wear makeup and act like her mother,
Thank goodness, her dad step in.
Yes, Peter Andre was certainly good for her and his children.
Please put me right, if I am wrong here, but I recall when she was pregnant with Harvey, the drinking and parties never stopped.

3nanny6 Fri 24-Jun-22 17:59:25

Katie Price really started to deteriorate when her eldest Harvey became more independent and went off to live in assisted housing which she said she wanted him to although
I think she missed him a lot as she had a strong bond with him.
All her messing about with these different men is doing her no favours and she has not been properly settled since she ended things with Peter Andre. These days she seems to do everything for attention and most of the attention she is getting is negative. It is a shame really although she still keeps her appearance upkeep quite good and makes sure she still looks the part of a glamour model inside she is a troubled person and also she will eventually age and she will need more than her glamour to keep her man.

MissAdventure Fri 24-Jun-22 17:32:38

Yes, I agree with that.
Also agree that some celebs just seem to lurch from one disaster to another, possibly no more than some ordinary people do, though, I'd guess.

Galaxy Fri 24-Jun-22 17:32:07

I would like to think we had learnt something about not parading teenagers topless when they are barely out of childhood but although page 3 has gone I remember one of the geordie shore stars speaking with utter despair over what she had done on live TV.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 24-Jun-22 17:29:31

She needs help not a prison sentence.

Deedaa Fri 24-Jun-22 17:27:51

The sad thing is that she presents herself like a blow up doll and is then disappointed by the sort of men she attracts. It's a pity she broke up with Peter Andre, he seemed to be able to tease her ito some sort of normality.

I agree with Galaxy Amy Winehouse, Paula Yates and of course leading on from Paula, poor Peaches. What a tragedy that was.

Chocolatelovinggran Fri 24-Jun-22 17:22:25

I just wish she'd stop driving!

MissAdventure Fri 24-Jun-22 17:19:03

Yes, weren't they? wink

Galaxy Fri 24-Jun-22 17:16:41

Yes he was a piece of work that one.

MissAdventure Fri 24-Jun-22 17:15:20

One of my exes (a kickboxer) knew one of her exes (that may give a clue)

From the moment he met her, he told people he intended to use her to further his own interests: he didnt have a good word to say for her.
Then I would see all the old twaddle about how much in love they were in the press.

How sad. She is collateral damage herself, it seems, and vulnerable to being preyed upon.

sodapop Fri 24-Jun-22 16:57:52

Sadly Katie Price doesn't learn from experience and will lurch from one crisis to the next. As Blossoming said unfortunately other people will be collateral damage.