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Which channel?

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hollysteers Mon 19-Sep-22 09:20:20

Which channel on TV do you choose to watch for big occasions such as today?

henetha Mon 19-Sep-22 09:21:57

The BBC always. They do it best.

Charleygirl5 Mon 19-Sep-22 09:24:17

I may well flick between the two but probably BBC.

Redhead56 Mon 19-Sep-22 09:25:00


Anniebach Mon 19-Sep-22 09:26:02


MawtheMerrier Mon 19-Sep-22 09:32:18

BBC but I am warming to Sky News so may give that a whirl too.

lemsip Mon 19-Sep-22 09:35:02


hollysteers Mon 19-Sep-22 09:35:14

I rather like Alistair Bruce on Sky.
He’s very knowledgeable.

FannyCornforth Mon 19-Sep-22 09:40:15

I won’t be watching it

aggie Mon 19-Sep-22 09:53:08

I like Sky , I watched some of the proceedings there and will flick between Sky and BBC

GrannyGravy13 Mon 19-Sep-22 09:55:44

BBC until Nicholas Witchell pops up then ITV or Sky.

glammanana Mon 19-Sep-22 09:56:10

BBC and Sky I also like Alister Bruce and his commenting.

Urmstongran Mon 19-Sep-22 10:01:12

Same here GG13!

Yammy Mon 19-Sep-22 10:04:54

BBC with a quick switch to other channels,I won't be watching all day.

Jaxjacky Mon 19-Sep-22 10:05:15


Shinamae Mon 19-Sep-22 10:19:49


Poppyred Mon 19-Sep-22 10:40:40

ITV always.

BlueBelle Mon 19-Sep-22 11:07:28

I m with you fanny I m painting my front door

Ailidh Mon 19-Sep-22 11:10:48

BBC always for ceremonial but increasingly Sky for long-breaking news stories.

I think Huw Edwards is wonderful.

Anniebach Mon 19-Sep-22 12:45:48

My tv not working!

FannyCornforth Mon 19-Sep-22 12:48:43

Oh Annie! sad Hope that you can sort it out?

Franbern Mon 19-Sep-22 12:53:30

Any channel.that does not show it or else will watch recorded programmes of my choice

Lucca Mon 19-Sep-22 12:54:56


I m with you fanny I m painting my front door

I had physio earlier so caught up on fast forward and enjoyed the spectacle . I will be playing tennis soon.