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2men have been arrested for assaulting the man who shouted at Prince Andrew during the Queen’s funeral procession

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25Avalon Sun 02-Oct-22 12:41:41

Lots of posters wondered why the two men who tackled the heckler who shouted that Prince Andrew was ‘a dirty old man’ during the funeral procession in Edinburgh, and was arrested by the police were not arrested too. Well now they have been according to Scottish news.

Esspee Sun 02-Oct-22 12:57:01

I do so wish the police would focus their attention on burglaries, vandalism, assault, drug use etc. instead of things like this.
The right to protest has been eroded by the Conservative government and we let it happen.
I fear for the future.

Kalu Sun 02-Oct-22 12:59:19

Waste of police time!

paddyann54 Sun 02-Oct-22 13:11:46

Crime is at a 42 year low in Scotland Esspee there is more crime on computers than on the streets.
Freedom of speech is vital ,being jumped on by bystanders for expressing it is not acceptable .The guy was just telling the truth ,should we do what his late lamented Mother did and try to sweep it under a £12million carpet?

3% of Scots took to the streets to see the cortege pass ,I'd guess a hell of a lot more agreed with the young mans opinion than not .Vigilantes cant be encouraged .

volver Sun 02-Oct-22 13:34:31


Those saying it's a waste of time. Things like this? Here in Scotland we don't encourage allowing people to get beaten up for expressing their views in public.

Septimia Sun 02-Oct-22 16:18:15

To be honest, I was pleased when the heckler was pulled away by the two men. Of course, what they did can be counted as assault.

I'm not saying that the heckler shouldn't be allowed his opinion - or any of those people who criticised the Queen's funeral and/or the royal family. However it was the wrong time and wrong place.

If someone you knew was mourning the death of a person you didn't like, to tell them that before the funeral would be unkind, insensitive and downright rude. All the "anti" complaints could have waited until the rest of us had finished mourning the loss of someone we respected.

volver Sun 02-Oct-22 16:22:04

You don't get to assault people just because they don't have any manners.

And he was protesting about Prince Andrew's rather unsavoury associations with people traffickers, not about the monarchy or the Queen.

Ali08 Mon 03-Oct-22 14:05:15

Well, the heckler wasn't wrong!!