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Auckland flooding/landslips

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grannyactivist Mon 30-Jan-23 09:40:48

Does anyone else have family affected by the floods and landslides in NZ?

My daughter’s house has had no water for several days, although power has finally been restored. The house has been cut off due to several landslides on her road and some of her neighbours have been evacuated due to the landslides making homes unsafe. My daughter’s house is on a steep incline and the road at the end of her long (newly resurfaced) drive looks like a broken up jigsaw puzzle.

With more very heavy rain on the way they’ve heeded advice to have ‘evacuation’ bags packed and are ready to leave at a moment’s notice. My seven year old granddaughter was due to return to school on Thursday, but all schools in the area are to remain closed for a further week, her school was badly damaged by flood water.

The house in the photo is opposite my daughter’s. 😱

Lovetopaint037 Mon 30-Jan-23 10:08:19

So sorry for your worry and so hope things improve for your daughter and her neighbours. Poor Auckland. Unbelievable films and photos.

Sparklefizz Mon 30-Jan-23 10:32:13

Oh my goodness Grannyactivist. Shocking photos. How worrying.

BlueBelle Mon 30-Jan-23 11:02:41

My son and family are in the area luckily they haven’t been affected but the road he was driving on the day before has disappeared my granddaughter s area she’s higher up the country has been affected too but not in her house thankfully

Aveline Mon 30-Jan-23 11:05:37

That looks awful. The poor residents of Auckland. I hope the floods abate rapidly and restoration can start asap.

Kaimoana2 Mon 30-Jan-23 15:55:13

Nope, it's still raining here and likely to continue for most of the week.

My grandson has had his High School start dates put back as his school is currently being used as a Rescue-Evacuation Centre.

The good thing is that everyone has rallied round. Individuals have been magnificent and tireless.

All religions have offered unconditional shelter and food.
Waipareira Trust and most Marae are are working 24/7 feeding and accommodating hundreds, all for free and with willingness and smiles.
We're all pulling together.

Callistemon21 Mon 30-Jan-23 16:20:25


I hadn't seen this on the news and am very sorry to hear about it; it looks shocking and I hope all your family are safe, grannyactivist and other NZ Gransnetters and families.

sodapop Mon 30-Jan-23 18:07:29

That looks terrible grannyactivist I hope your daughter and her family stay safe.
Good to hear you are all working together Kaimoana2 I hope everyone there stays safe too.

grannyactivist Tue 31-Jan-23 01:26:54

Kaimoana2 I can vouch for the kindness and goodwill of both neighbours and strangers. People have made very generous offers of all kinds of help; everything from lending equipment, offering free services, collecting groceries etc. and of course donations of time, money and goods. 🤗

The ground is now so sodden that more landslips are quite likely over the next 48 hours, so there are a lot of anxious people on my daughter’s road. It’s devastating to lose property, but keeping people safe is what’s important.

AussieGran59 Tue 31-Jan-23 01:37:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grannyactivist Tue 31-Jan-23 11:35:54

The house next door to my daughter has now been evacuated following a further slip.

My daughter lives in the bush which is sub-tropical rainforest and local ‘gardens’ are comprised of lush vegetation and lots of very tall kauri trees. Current high winds have caused one tree nearby to develop a significant lean and although it’s not close to a house if it falls it could tear up the road and bring down power lines again. Unfortunately the emergency services are far too busy to take on preventive work.

The photos show a neighbouring house before and after a slip has been cleared. The owners have been evacuated and the house is ‘yellow stickered’ meaning it has restricted access for the owners to gather belongings.

grannyactivist Mon 13-Feb-23 18:58:22

What a tense few days waiting for Cyclone Gabrielle to arrive………our daughter is once again without power and a tree in her garden has toppled, but thankfully away from the house. At 10.30pm she sent a text saying it was too dangerous to evacuate the house, but was afraid the roof might blow off. I’m glad to say that her house has so far survived what I think is the worst of the storm, but it’s still not safe to venture outside to assess the damage.

BlueBelle Mon 13-Feb-23 19:11:10

My son and family have told me it’s crazy weather but so far they re all ok

Aveline Mon 13-Feb-23 19:26:32

That's awful. Such a worry for them - and you. I really hope it blows over soon without doing much damage. 🍀🤞