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Oh dear Asda……

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GrandmaTrisha Wed 08-Mar-23 10:09:41

I saw this sign in my local Asda this morning.

Dear me.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 08-Mar-23 10:14:03

Dearie me, indeed.

Ziplok Wed 08-Mar-23 10:21:41

Oops 😁

Georgesgran Wed 08-Mar-23 10:23:59

I’ve told the tale several times of my dyslexic DDs misreading things in Asda. The elder yelled down the aisle that they were selling ‘bastard turkeys’ (basted) while the younger was horrified that they were selling ‘lion chops’ (loin).

Granmarderby10 Wed 08-Mar-23 10:31:56


Blossoming Wed 08-Mar-23 10:45:29

I don’t fancy eating lion!

ParlorGames Wed 08-Mar-23 10:48:25

Maybe they meant to print "Sealion"? grin

Juliet27 Wed 08-Mar-23 10:51:57

I’m ashamed of myself that I had to look at that twice. It’s often easy to accept what you expect to see isn’t it - well that’s my excuse anyway!

MawtheMerrier Wed 08-Mar-23 10:56:13

Run out of beef presumably?

choughdancer Wed 08-Mar-23 11:01:19

Maybe they are just anticipating Boris's Honours List? I can see Stanley girding himself up to become Sir Lion.

Vintagenonna Wed 08-Mar-23 11:02:20

One of my OU colleagues announced to us at summer school one year that there would be "loin dancing". Never seen so many disappointed men in one place.

maddyone Wed 08-Mar-23 11:25:59

I’ve never tried lion.

Llamedos13 Wed 08-Mar-23 13:08:51

I looked at the picture and couldn’t see what was wrong, I thought it was the packets were all on their sides, looked twice then the penny dropped when I read the replies😐

sodapop Wed 08-Mar-23 17:06:32


Maybe they are just anticipating Boris's Honours List? I can see Stanley girding himself up to become Sir Lion.

My thoughts too choughdancer smile

timetogo2016 Wed 15-Mar-23 11:59:12

Does it do a roaring trade i wonder ?.

crazyH Wed 15-Mar-23 12:07:58

Me too - didn’t pick it up - I thought it was how the steaks were sloppily arranged 😂

Baggs Wed 15-Mar-23 12:25:05


Does it do a roaring trade i wonder ?.


timetogo2016 Thu 16-Mar-23 09:22:53

And i bet they get eaten with pride Baggs.

Sparklefizz Thu 16-Mar-23 10:07:45

Love some of these comments! grin

Witzend Sun 19-Mar-23 17:39:54

In my local Asda I’ve seen ‘New Zeeland Chedder’, and ‘Rasers are now in the shampoo aisle’. TBH I was astonished that ‘aisle’ was spelt correctly. Both printed signs of course.
Oh, and ‘If you can’t find what you want. Please ask a colleague.’
I was v tempted to ask how my colleagues at work would know where to find the chilli paste, but desisted.
I wouldn’t have commented on the full stop that should have been a comma, almost certainly a waste of time.