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singingnutty Mon 13-Mar-23 19:19:56

I just came across something that may be of interest to Gransnetters. Virtual Village Hall organised by the Royal Voluntary Service has online sessions on weekdays of various activities - too many to mention all the categories, but there are languages, dancing, yoga, singing to mention a few. It looks interesting. You can access it via the RVS website, and/or they are on Facebook. I haven’t used it yet but thought I would pass it on so people could have a look.

MiniMoon Mon 13-Mar-23 22:24:00

I didn't want to pass this by. I just might take a look, it sounds interesting. I need a new activity as crochet currently is off the cards as I'm having trouble with my right hand. I'm thinking it may be carpal tunnel syndrome, but have yet to see a doctor about it.

peli Mon 13-Mar-23 22:26:58

Thank-you singingnutty - it sounds interesting.

Joseanne Mon 13-Mar-23 22:37:20

That looks like it could be beneficial to people. I'm up for trying the cookery activities.

crazyH Mon 13-Mar-23 22:49:08

I’ll have a look - thanks singingnutty

FannyCornforth Tue 14-Mar-23 03:39:54

Ooh, thanks, sounds interesting smile

FannyCornforth Tue 14-Mar-23 03:40:49

FannyCornforth Tue 14-Mar-23 03:49:43

All of the activities are on Facebook.
I just started watching one video on paper craft flowers.
It looks good
There’s even Ballet for Beginners Joseanne!

Joseanne Tue 14-Mar-23 07:25:48

Yes, I saw ballet. What a good idea to try it in your home ... just clear all the furniture first! I once sent a table lamp flying.
(Not boasting, but I achieved RAD beyond Grade 5 back in the day).

Chocolatelovinggran Tue 14-Mar-23 14:43:50

Thank you : what a brilliant idea!

Parsley3 Tue 14-Mar-23 19:29:03

This is a great idea. Thank you for the link.

singingnutty Tue 14-Mar-23 23:10:44

I watched first half of lesson 1 of British Sign Language. It was very well done.

nanna8 Tue 14-Mar-23 23:13:36

Sounds really good, thanks for sharing.