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Breakdown cover - any problems with AA?

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singingnutty Wed 15-Mar-23 09:29:05

We are in the middle of a car crisis. My car broke down 20 miles away yesterday and is undrivable. We are supposed to have breakdown cover with Nationwide Flexplus which means that the AA will come out to sort us out. However, we cannot get through to them by any means, so I wonder if any Gransnetters who may have tried to call the AA can tell me whether this problem with their systems they mention is recent (ie yesterday) or has been going on a while. We are at home very frustrated and trying to arrange recovery of the vehicle.

Lollin Wed 15-Mar-23 09:34:27

Their website says….
Service update – We’re aware our phone lines are currently experiencing problems and there could be significant delays when calling us. While we investigate, you can still report and track your breakdown online or using the app. You can also let us know you’ve been in an accident online or using the app.
I guess you know this now you’re home. Terrible situation for such an emergency provider. Hope you get sorted soon singingnutty

Katie59 Wed 15-Mar-23 09:41:23

The AA are probably the best option and if you are a lone female you will get priority but if there are communication problems it might not be a quick as you want.

Kinsi10 Wed 15-Mar-23 09:48:52

Needed them twice during the last 10 years. Nothing but praise for them. Hope you get sorted out soon.

singingnutty Wed 15-Mar-23 09:50:08

I am at home this morning and we have arranged collection by a local person because we cannot in any way get in touch with AA. DH sent a text but that didn't work either. We will obviously be making a huge complaint to Nationwide and I am just interested in other peoples recent experiences. Thanks to Lollin and Katie for your responses.

Theexwife Wed 15-Mar-23 10:41:27

It is unfortunate, however, I do not see that Nationwide is in any way responsible just because AA membership is part of your bank package.

AA website states they have a problem with their phone lines.

Blossoming Wed 15-Mar-23 10:52:21

I have always had good service from the AA, but I have always used the app since it was introduced some years ago. Last time I used it we were at home and not urgent but I am quite reliant on the car due to mobility problems. They warned me I wasn’t high priority, which I was quite happy about, but somebody arrived within an hour.

Callistemon21 Wed 15-Mar-23 10:59:04

We've only needed them twice in the last five years and they were excellent.

It could be local or a blip in their systems.

timetogo2016 Wed 15-Mar-23 11:55:27

You should be able to email them.