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Fitbit to Apple Watch

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Sallymander Wed 15-Mar-23 20:06:44

I think that I may have made an expensive mistake in replacing my Fitbit Charge 3 with an Apple Watch series 8.
I have set the Watch up but I’m not sure how it works. I’m mainly interested in tracking my exercise (mainly walking), monitoring my sleep and quality of sleep, heart health etc.
Is anyone able to give me an idiots guide please ? TYI

Notsoold27 Wed 15-Mar-23 22:07:55

It’s very intuitive. Just link it to your iPhone.

silverlining48 Thu 16-Mar-23 07:01:49

Go back to the shop where you bought it. Or if you got it online ask someone who knows how to do this stuff to help. Good luck. I know I couldn’t do it.
Out of interest I have a Fitbit watch and ( after my dd connected it) it does the things you mention so why did you decide to change?

Mamie Thu 16-Mar-23 07:39:17

I would just Google whatever you want to do and then watch a YouTube video.
I like mine for notification of phone calls and messages, instant weather / temperature, recording exercise, the odd bit of meditation etc.
It takes time to decide on what you want on the actual watchface. I have date and time / weather / heartrate / exercise.
I turned off fall notification after it wanted to call the emergency services when I was sawing a branch. 😂