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Nobody Sat 18-Mar-23 09:22:36

Do we all get the same adverts on Gransnet? If so I was wondering if anyone had purchased any of the make-up that purports to make you much more attractive using magic creams, enhancers. Have any of you tried any of these? The adverts showing the difference looks great. Not sure if they really work though or indeed it's the expertise of applying them properly.

JackyB Sat 18-Mar-23 13:11:49

I doubt that we get the same ads. I live in Germany and get ads for German products. They are usually related to searches or purchases I have made over the internet. It depends on your cookie settings.

What does amaze me is that I sometimes get ads in German for something mentioned in the Gransnet thread I am just reading, although the thread is of course in English.

crazyH Sat 18-Mar-23 13:17:39

I sometimes get ads for stuff that I have just googled - very eerie !!!

timetogo2016 Thu 23-Mar-23 10:14:44

Totally agree crazyH.
Feels like big brother is watching.

IrishDancing Thu 23-Mar-23 10:20:47

I get makeup ads all the time, they drive me nuts. I have bought some of the makeup advertised (not as a result of GN advertising!) and I wasn’t impressed.

Namsnanny Thu 23-Mar-23 10:22:08

I get ads for things I've spoken about.
My phone bugs me!

Bellanonna Thu 23-Mar-23 10:23:50

I get irritating video ads across the whole page, between two Gransnet posts. One shows three women, others show some dish or other being made. Another shows a woman with a personal trainer. The sound is off so I can’t hear them but I do find them greatly annoying.

farview Thu 23-Mar-23 10:33:34

Same here Bellanonna it's so very annoying 😡

MerylStreep Thu 23-Mar-23 10:43:32

It’s got nothing to do with application it’s all done with filters.

Blossoming Thu 23-Mar-23 11:29:42

I haven’t seen any adverts like that Nobody. Either the advertising algorithm thinks I’m beautiful enough or it thinks I’m beyond redemption grin

Yammy Thu 23-Mar-23 12:01:19


I sometimes get ads for stuff that I have just googled - very eerie !!!

So do I and shops like Boden where I buy the odd thing.
I always find amusing the list that is given of things that grans netters are buying, some are helpful but others the price of them on pensions!!!!

Blossoming Thu 23-Mar-23 12:50:19

I love reading that list Yammy. Some of it makes me smile, but sometimes it gives me helpful hints to products I might want to buy. Today’s list includes Simple eye balm that might suit my sensitive skin.