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The film Allelujah have you seen it?

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millymouge Fri 24-Mar-23 12:38:13

Just wondered if anyone had seen the film yet or intended to go. Went with DH last evening. He hated it. I thought it was well done. Having nursed DSis through ill health and dementia and then into a home until she died I could see a lot of the truth in it. The ending which was a surprise was very relevant. I think it was rather promoted as a gentle comedy, but think some folk might find it depressing and sad which I suppose it was.

Witzend Fri 24-Mar-23 12:45:10

My brother saw it recently and recommended it. I have been out of circulation so to speak for a few weeks so didn’t know what it was about. Having seen far too much of dementia in the family, I would (oddly enough) be interested if it’s partly about that, as long as it’s portrayed realistically. So many people don’t have the faintest clue about the practical realities of dementia.

Bridie22 Fri 24-Mar-23 14:10:23

I would recommend it, it was a good film, I didn't find it depressing it was quite funny with a twist.

Madgran77 Fri 24-Mar-23 14:46:33

I thought it was very good. The twist at the end was certainly left field. But I enjoyed the film

Daddima Fri 24-Mar-23 17:59:52

The Bodach’s dementia and death has meant this won’t be for me, nor will an Anthony Hopkins film ‘The Father’ , for which I’ve seen good reviews. One of my friends was very critical of Allelujah, saying it was not at all what he expected, and to avoid it!

Patsy70 Fri 24-Mar-23 18:51:16

We went last evening too, and both found it so very depressing. Very little humour, but a wonderful cast. However, not for us.

Parsley3 Fri 24-Mar-23 19:06:14

I saw it yesterday. I was completely perplexed as to how I should feel about it. In view of the political message, the twist was a bit bizarre to say the least . All I will say though is that it is a waste of Judi Dench's talent.

TerriT Fri 24-Mar-23 19:08:24

Saw it a week ago and thought it was awful. Had I not been with the person who bought me a ticket I would have left not long after it started. Dreary and depressing is my description!

Patsy70 Fri 24-Mar-23 19:20:45

Yes, agree that it was a complete waste of Judi Dench’s talent. The political message was very timely in view of the current NHS problems.

Farzanah Fri 24-Mar-23 21:16:20

Saw it this week with 2 friends, ex nurses and spoke to another friend who had seen it, also ex nurse.

Their opinion was, not funny, waste of good actors, pointless plot.

Also dated, such “hospital” beds no longer exist”.
Could have predicted the “twist” half way through.

Harris27 Fri 24-Mar-23 21:25:25

Was going to see this but might be deterred now.

BridgetPark Sat 25-Mar-23 17:08:53

Just seen this film. What a waste of an afternoon, awful film, depressing, stupid. As others have said, a waste of the talented actors involved. I came out and needed a stiff drink to cheer myself up!!

Clawdy Sun 26-Mar-23 22:16:30

Some good acting, but that "twist" completely spoiled it for me. Unnecessary and bizarre.

Cracker Sun 26-Mar-23 22:36:29

I had mixed feelings about it. Some I enjoyed, in particular the political message, but it seemed a bit muddled and unrealistic. The ending had me in bits as my daughter worked a high dependency covid ward throughout. Good acting but as already said a waste of Judi Dench's talent.

BlueBelle Sun 26-Mar-23 22:49:01

Supposed to be going with a friend who’s raving about wanting to go It wasn’t beckoning me before I read this thread, now I m even more reluctant

SachaMac Sun 26-Mar-23 23:22:24

I went to see it last week with three friends, one of whom is a retired nurse. I don’t want to say too much about the story line as people may want to go and make their own mind up but it certainly wasn’t what we were expecting from the trailers. There were funny moments but it was quite depressing & sad at times. The staff situation was ridiculous, the ward sister doubling up on day and night shifts and a work experience getting so involved with personal care with no training and working such long hours was ridiculous! Some good actors and acting in it though and parts of it were very thought provoking. It certainly didn’t leave any of us look forward to old age!! Gave us plenty to discuss on the way home though!!

nanna8 Sun 26-Mar-23 23:27:38

I’ll give it a miss if it comes here. I like to be entertained, there’s enough real life tragedy and sadness around without watching it as fiction.

Doodledog Sun 26-Mar-23 23:59:31

I am planning to go to the cinema this week and Alleluja is on locally, but after reading this thread I might opt for something else.

BigBertha1 Thu 30-Mar-23 10:26:23

Saw it yesterday and thought it strange and had I been sitting by the door I would have left too. Saw the plot twist from the first it was so obvious.

Liz46 Thu 30-Mar-23 10:54:20

Having seen the cast I was wanting to go but am CEV so was a bit nervous about catching a cold or covid.

You've made me feel better now so thank you. I won't go. I nursed my mother who had dementia and then visited my friend when she had it. I'm all dementiad out.

Farzanah Thu 30-Mar-23 12:28:46


Saw it yesterday and thought it strange and had I been sitting by the door I would have left too. Saw the plot twist from the first it was so obvious.

Me too BigBerthal.
The whole “plot” if you could call it that seemed to be geared towards it.

Kim19 Fri 31-Mar-23 08:17:56

Sad to say, I took my cousin to see this with the intention of cheering her up. She is under stress at the moment. Huh. My totally inaccurate assessment of the cast involved and the setting beggars belief. Dire.