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urinary flow post surgery

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Zuzu Sat 16-Sep-23 00:26:08

My DH had back surgery on Monday, followed by a stroke on Tuesday. The doctors/nurses were amazing, performed a procedure where they went into the groin, up to his brain, and plucked out the clot. His right side was coming back in use within 2 hours. BUT, he's having trouble getting his "plumbing" back in working order. Both the stroke location (front lobe left side) and the surgery have placed a double whammy on his bladder and colon. He's taking Flomax with small success. Any suggestions to avoid having a catheter reinserted? Thanks so much.

Shelflife Sat 16-Sep-23 22:58:26

Zuzu, so sorry you're DH is ill. I have no experience of this situation but didn't want to read your post and move on! I can only assume that his back surgery followed by a stroke have taken its toll on your DHs plumbing!! It may some time for things to return to normal. In the mean time I feel sure he is receiving the best care possible, I wish him well. Please remember to take care of yourself !!!!! 💐💐