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do you live in the Scotland?

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infoman Sat 16-Sep-23 04:54:06

or use the trains to or from Scotland.
A six month experiment is to take place that no peak time fare will be charged,from the first trains in the morning.
If your old enough suggest buying a senior citizen card to get further discounts.Think I saw a special offer that you pay 70 pounds for a three year card.A couple of tips try and sit at the rear/front of the train you have less people going by you on your journey,use the toilets on the staffed train stations and make sure you bring your own drinks and food from home or the supermarkets

paddyann54 Sat 16-Sep-23 09:52:14

Another SNP/Green initiative to get people to use public transport ...oh if only the unionists hadn't voted NO in 2014,we'd be doing all the things we want that would give us the progressive country we aspire to be .Saor Alba

Wenmore Sat 16-Sep-23 10:04:34

Super Off Peak Day returns (the cheapest tickets) will be withdrawn during the trial making travel more expensive for many who enjoy travelling off peak.

Wheniwasyourage Sat 16-Sep-23 10:57:25

Not that many, Wenmore. Super Off Peak Day returns are not available on every route, and are pretty limited anyway. I’m looking forward to being able to travel to the city more cheaply on the train we like to get. It’s classed as Peak at the moment even though it doesn’t get in until about 9:30. 🚂

grannysyb Sat 16-Sep-23 12:40:36

I have a railcard, as does DH. His us a senior one, mine is cheaper as I have a hearing aid, so I get a disabled card!