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Holiday insurance for river cruise

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Mimi54 Sat 16-Sep-23 12:03:51

We are going on a European river cruise for a big anniversary in November . Our annual travel insurance will have run out by then so we are looking for a one off trip holiday insurance. Because we have some existing conditions the quotes are very, very expensive so just wondering if anyone recommends a firm they have used.

Mimi54 Sat 16-Sep-23 12:04:50

Sorry *pre-existing health conditions

nanna8 Sat 16-Sep-23 12:09:14

We use Covermore because they cover Covid and they pay for you to be shipped back home if necessary. I don’t know if they are in the UK or not but I had health problems on a recent cruise overseas and they paid up very promptly.

Callistemon21 Sat 16-Sep-23 12:10:57

StaySure or AllClear travel insurance; we have used both.

That was before Covid so I am not sure about their Covid cover.

dragonfly46 Sat 16-Sep-23 12:22:24

Staysure are pretty good and cover Covid.