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Radio 2 weekend at Leicester

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mamaa Sun 17-Sep-23 20:31:39

Have enjoyed all the acts this weekend, took me back to my student days… now watching Kylie the headliner and wondering how on earth at 55 the plastic trousers aren’t going to cause a uti tomorrow; and also how the hell did she get into the rubber corset/vest- takes me all my time on occasion to put my bra on- I’m only 9 years older, and know at 55 I wouldn’t have managed a walk down the street in the outfit she’s wearing, let alone perform on stage to thousands!!!

Kandinsky Sun 17-Sep-23 20:36:46

I’m only 5 years older than her.
She’s absolutely amazing!

Im still wondering if James Blunt ever made it back on stage after crowd surfing in a dingy, what was he thinking? 😂 he must be 50.

mamaa Sun 17-Sep-23 20:49:42

He’s probably still going😉