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annsixty Fri 22-Sep-23 09:52:58

Following on from another thread about keeping warm while having morning tea in bed, I read an article just a few days ago about when the best time to switch on the CH is.
It stated the best day was October 29th.
This was based on when temperatures are expected to start falling and night getting longer.
Do you wait until then?
I am sure in spite of the “cost of living crisis” , frequently quoted in my house, mine will be on, certainly in the morning before that.

Pittcity Sat 23-Sep-23 08:34:21

I'm off to Primark to buy myself a snuddie and some winter slippers. DH is happy in t-shirt and shorts with the windows open until it's freezing outside.
Our 70s semi could do with more insulation. I'll turn the heating on when necessary and don't go by the calendar. We live in the South East and it's still warm here.

V3ra Sat 23-Sep-23 08:34:43

My Dad is £5,000 in credit to British Gas (long story...) so I clicked the button on his online account to request a refund.
Website refused as apparently he will need that money now the colder weather is coming!
My battle continues... 🙄

At our house I've been switching my heated towel rail on in the morning, and we both moved on to winter pjs last night. Ok with that for now!

Foxygloves Sat 23-Sep-23 08:36:15

Frankly, I can see no reason to attach special credit to those who manage without heating or are happier when the temperture is lower. From my experience, how much we feel the cold has very little to do with fortitude or experience and much more to do with genes
I’m not sure anybody has been claiming any “moral high ground” with their personal preferences regarding heating!
Of course most if not all of us predate the age of central heating (and it was blimmin freezing in my bedroom too back in the day).
But economic considerations apart, it is surely a matter of preference plus a bit of common sense in not letting one’s house cool down to a dangerous level and taking our (late) mothers invariable good advice about dressing appropriately and, when the temperature dropped - of putting on a winter woolly!

Norah Sat 23-Sep-23 16:20:47

Our thermostats are set, heat comes on and off at the number.

Easy really.

sodapop Sat 23-Sep-23 17:45:47

Don't think either BlueBelle or I were claiming any high moral ground or that we had more strength of character because we didn't have central heating, that would be ridiculous.
I would prefer to spend money on air con rather than central heating as that would make me most comfortable.

Cabowich Sat 23-Sep-23 17:50:12

I try to last out until the 1st October, but this past week has been very challenging.

M0nica Sun 24-Sep-23 09:18:41

sodapop, Foxygloves you ignored the other parameter i mentione and that was that this information about how people heat themselves and their house, depends on what type of house they live in and how well insulated it is.

The heating needs of a small very well insulated house are very different from those of a larger less well insulated and draftier home and so are the ways we dress and use our heating in those different homes.

SillyNanny321 Sun 24-Sep-23 11:19:19

Detached timber framed bungalow lovely & cool in warm weather but already needed heating on last couple of days in morning's as so cold. Autumn pj’s & thicker duvet on last night as cant stand cold due to OA & RA hurting more then. Lovely life if you dont weaken my Nan used to say!

Dee1012 Sun 24-Sep-23 11:20:35

I'm in the North East and up to now, no heating on at all and I am perfectly comfortable.
I've had the odd evening/early morning over the last week or so when I've put a cardigan on but otherwise all good!
I do feel the cold too....

kwal Sun 24-Sep-23 11:23:19

I usually try to wait until well into October and this year I certainly will as I am dreading the bills. I'm already adding an extra layer so I should be looking like a Michelin man by the time I give in and switch on!

JayDee60 Sun 24-Sep-23 11:28:39

I don’t do cold either. Hive is saying it’s 16 this morning and i5 hit 18 yesterday. I’m now wearing velour top and bottoms and woollen socks. Yesterday I put the heavy blanket on top of the duvet. What a godsend, I’d recommend it to everyone. Lounge has a posh electric fan heater if we need it. My husband still has the tower fan pointed at his feet!! Every night. I just snuggle down to avoid any draught from it. I hope to keep heating off till 31/10 🤞it’s been off since 31/3. Good luck everyone. Stay warm

M0nica Sun 24-Sep-23 11:29:54

I live in a 15th century semi detached village house. It is a large 4 bedroomed house. For its age and construction it is very well insulated and heating costs are reasonable.

Our heating operates on a thermostat and has yet to come on. I did put a winter nightdress on last night, but otherwise have yet to go into winter clothes, which is a tribute, I think to the effectiveness of our insulation and the ability of our house to hold heat.

hugshelp Sun 24-Sep-23 11:30:02

Snugglies over warm clothes and hats first. Heating when that's not enough. Usually set to 15 for day and 12 for night. Can't afford more than that.

Susieq62 Sun 24-Sep-23 11:34:03

Heating goes off on March 31st back on Nov 1st
Water goes on twice a day for an hour all year unless we go away!
We have a slow cooker, air fryer, microwave and combined oven, ditched the tumble dryer except for a quick 30 mins for big towels ! Keeping costs down as much as possible .
We have thick curtains, fleecy throws and a cat on the lap 🙀
We live in West Yorkshire !!

win Sun 24-Sep-23 11:36:49

I definitely do not do cold either, mine is on all year as well, never turned off, just stays at 21 degree, I whack it up as required but never below 21.

grannybuy Sun 24-Sep-23 11:41:10

My heating is never off, but only comes on when the temperature drops below 22 deg. Interestingly, it came on overnight for the first time since May on September 16, and when flicking through last year’s diary, I spotted that I’d written on 16th September last year ‘ heating came on overnight ‘. As we’ve had quite a few warmer days, it has stayed off until today!

Missiseff Sun 24-Sep-23 11:46:44

Mine's been on & off for a couple of months. Hate being cold. Don't understand why people 'wait'.

Buttonjugs Sun 24-Sep-23 11:47:56

My house was built as an eco house and once heat is in it doesn’t leave! So if it’s cold in the morning and warms up later on, the house will get too hot. So I can only turn the heating on when the temperature is going to stay low. My bedroom rarely dips below 20c even when it’s freezing outside. The front of the house is always warmer than the back because the sun on the windows heats it up. The sun doesn’t come round the back until late afternoon so my living room is the coldest room in the house. Keeps the bills low, at least.

DeeJaysMum Sun 24-Sep-23 11:51:58

I haven't turned my central heating on for over 4 years now.
I'm heat intolerant, linked to MS, so find being a bit on the cooler side far more preferable, plus I've got absolutely loads of nice thick jumpers, socks and throws that will help bring my temperature up if needed.
I never get visitors either, so don't need to think about anyone else's warmth, although this week I've got an OT coming round to assess my physical needs (hopefully for a stairlift), but it's not too cold yet, and besides, she'll have a job to do and won't be here long, so I definitely won't be putting any heating on for her visit.

Aven Sun 24-Sep-23 12:05:56

We filled our oil tank last week so now I have heating on for getting up and later in the evening. We live in Scotland and it always gets cooler earlier than England!

Graygirl Sun 24-Sep-23 12:28:31

I have mine set on 18.5 all year DH has copd and have found this is best for him . On a timer but in cold weather if living room drops to low will override * the cost

Bea65 Sun 24-Sep-23 12:33:37

I'm finding it challenging the last few days to keep the CH off..but wearing bed socks night and Day...putting on extra layers too..

Froglady Sun 24-Sep-23 12:34:36

Mine will be going on only when it's really, really needed. I have seen a sharp increase in my fuel costs so am determined yo keep warm by wearing more layers, blankets etc, etc and yo keep the costs down as much as is possible.

Froglady Sun 24-Sep-23 12:37:14


Mine's been on & off for a couple of months. Hate being cold. Don't understand why people 'wait'.

Maybe some people wait as they can't afford to put it on.

Ktsmum Sun 24-Sep-23 12:57:15

Mine is on now in the morning for an hour, to take the chill off the house, much more pleasant to get out of bed