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Holiday let, disrespectful guests.

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Sago Sat 23-Sep-23 17:57:59

We arrived at our holiday let yesterday for a few days, we do the change over when we’re staying rather than the cleaning company.

We always arrive an hour after check out time so guests never feel hassled.

I had sent the guests an early check in message and a courtesy text to check they had arrived safely and dealt with a special request for them to which I didn’t add a charge, not a single message back.
They then contacted me by phone regarding something they were unable to do and were really quite off hand.

Something told me we would arrive to a mess but nothing quite prepared me for what greeted us!

This was two couples of 60ish, it was honestly like 10 teenagers had been staying.

It took me an hour just to tidy before I could clean, missing items have turned up in odd places, every drawer and cupboard in the kitchen had to be emptied and sorted and they even took the hand washes which we refill from a big container
and other minor items like coat hangers etc.

I immediately called the holiday company to blacklist them.

I wish I could give them a bad review but I can’t, I am now dreading them spoiling our consistent 5* rating.

It seems so unfair.

Rant over, thank you for reading!

Primrose53 Tue 26-Sep-23 09:17:27

I have just been reading that “Chelsea on Sea”, ie Burnham Market in north norfolk has held a referendum and it has been decided that no more properties can be sold as holiday lets or to non locals. The average price of a house there is £1 million.

NotSpaghetti Tue 26-Sep-23 09:23:05

Doodledog I would think it's also maybe because a farm is a business so putting a home there is not part of the business but a change of use...
I think we need more info from Gwyllt.

I also think that if another person was needed to work the farm and was going to live there the planning may have been easier.

Fleurpepper Tue 26-Sep-23 09:53:27



Also about ten years ago a friends daughter wished to convert a building on the family farm. They had been born in the county married a local guy children attended local school and both had full time employment They were refused but told they could convert to a holiday let. They are all Welsh speakers They were not on their own

Would there have been a difference in the conversion had they made it into a permanent home? I’m thinking maybe adding far more square metres or building an upstairs - that sort of thing, whereas a holiday let might retain the original footprint and stay in keeping with its surroundings.

If the objection is to changing the landscape rather than to who lives there it does make a huge difference. If not it seems insane to prevent people from making homes for locals (or anyone who wants to live there as a resident rather than a holiday maker).

Reminded me of Dominic Cummings family farm

Linda48 Tue 26-Sep-23 11:43:16

It makes you wonder what people's homes are like. I hate housework & am not the tidiest of people but I would never dream of treating anywhere like the stories on here. We have just stayed in a lovely air b n b in Normandy. The homeowner greeted us with a bottle of Normandy cider & was very helpful when we had a problem with a car seat for my husband's granddaughter when she & her mother came to stay with us for a few days from their home in Paris. I did strip their bed & cot & wash the bedding & their towels, but left ours. We left everything clean & tidy but didn't vacuum as we paid a cleaning fee. The owner texted us to say we had been perfect guests & we left her a 5 star review. If anyone wants details of this lovely property I can highly recommend it.

Doodledog Tue 26-Sep-23 12:19:48


Doodledog I would think it's also maybe because a farm is a business so putting a home there is not part of the business but a change of use...
I think we need more info from Gwyllt.

I also think that if another person was needed to work the farm and was going to live there the planning may have been easier.

Yes, but a holiday let is a change of use too. I agree that we probably need more info though.

Gwyllt Tue 26-Sep-23 14:05:27

Who knows what goes on in the minds of the planning department.
There seems to be no rhyme or reason in many of their decisions
I could be cynical but I shall refrain

Primrose53 Tue 26-Sep-23 14:28:06

We’ve been away for a long weekend to Warners Leisure hotels. We didn’t strip the bed and there wasn’t anything else we could do. Then we came home to do changeover for our holiday let and you would hardly know anybody stayed, lovely and clean. They left us a 5* review too.

NotSpaghetti Wed 27-Sep-23 00:38:56

True Doodledog but the holiday let is a business add-on and not a permanent residence.
I know of one farm which was allowed to convert an old milking parlour for "business purposes" as a holiday let - where a neighbour had been turned down a permanent residence conversion.

You are right in that a holiday let might retain the original footprint though and that might have been a factor.

Primrose53 Wed 27-Sep-23 09:13:46

In my earlier post I mentioned some visitors who left us a rusty old mirror and the whole house needed a lot more cleaning than usual.

They have just left feedback. 5/5. Fantastic holiday. Very friendly owners. 😉

M0nica Wed 27-Sep-23 19:34:38

Turning old farm buildings into holiday lets is a standard farm business diversification. I have, however, never quite understood why local authorities should object to a few scattered homes for locals in the countryside. especially when we see the damage holiday lets and second homes are doing to many tourist base dcommunities.

Sheian62 Wed 27-Sep-23 19:56:45

We have just got back from using a Sykes holiday let. Never again. We had no lights in the bathroom whatsoever for 6/7 nights and had to trail a lamp in there. Health and safety would love that. When we tried to claim a small token as refund we were told no and to take the owner to small claims court. We are not going to do that but will never book a cottage with Sykes again

MayBee70 Wed 27-Sep-23 20:09:05

The lettings agency my partner used to use was taken over by Sykes. There are massive delays in the homeowners being paid and they’ve increased the commission.