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farview Fri 17-Nov-23 14:48:53

So proud of our local lad..raised so much money for Children in Need...well done Vernon.

Sparklefizz Fri 17-Nov-23 15:19:54

And I’m so proud of the generosity of the British public who have contributed so much money despite the hardships and cost of living crisis in the UK.

dragonfly46 Fri 17-Nov-23 15:33:59

Yes he is a lovely big-hearted guy.

V3ra Fri 17-Nov-23 15:39:52

We've enjoyed following Vernon on the radio this week.
A huge achievement and people seemed to really get behind him 🏃‍♂️

Casdon Fri 17-Nov-23 15:54:37

He has done really well, it was so nice to see lovely people along the route joining him too. I hope his knee recovers quickly.

farview Fri 17-Nov-23 16:03:54

People have been amazingly generous and supportive

merlotgran Fri 17-Nov-23 16:35:19

Well done, Vernon.

Kittye Fri 17-Nov-23 17:19:04

Great job Vernon ! Not just a pretty face ☺️

foxie48 Fri 17-Nov-23 17:35:13

Great to see Vernon doing this, such a tough challenge and great to see him raising so much money.

lixy Fri 17-Nov-23 19:51:50

A really tough challenge - I'm so glad he managed to do it. We have also been following him on the radio through the week and have been very impressed by the way he has greeted as many people as he could. Genuine guy.

farview Fri 17-Nov-23 21:57:42

Really genuine guy...

Summerfly Fri 17-Nov-23 23:07:08

Lovely man. So down to earth. Amazing amount of money raised up to now. Over £3million at the end of tonight’s fundraising show.

crazyH Fri 17-Nov-23 23:15:40

I used to watch it faithfully when Terry Wogan was presenting and I’m sure they used to raise far more, something like 20 million ….

henetha Fri 17-Nov-23 23:39:46

The announced the amount raised just before 10 o'clock tonight and it was over 33 million I think.

crazyH Fri 17-Nov-23 23:52:38

henetha - that sounds better - 33 million is more like it - well done British public 👍

henetha Fri 17-Nov-23 23:54:31

It's pretty good in these financially difficult times. And the amount usually rises as more money comes in from various efforts.

V3ra Sat 18-Nov-23 01:00:09

Vernon raised over £5 million.
There are some nice photos in this link.

Marriedalongtime Sat 18-Nov-23 09:08:26

I just thought that the amount of air time they gave to this very brave young man on CIN last night was pitiful. They hardly showed anything of what he had gone through in the last few days or how much he had had to put his mind and body through. It was a shame the BBC thought that more air time should be given over to dunking five B list celebs in slime! Shame on you BBC.

Maggiemaybe Sat 18-Nov-23 10:04:03

Vernon did get a lot of coverage during his challenge, and rightly so. All kudos to him, and what an amazing amount he raised for the charity.

There are everyday heroes challenging themselves for the sake of others all the time. My friend’s son did 13 challenges in a year for the MNDA charity, culminating in a run from Newcastle to Nelson’s Column, 13 marathons in 13 days. We were so proud of him, especially as he has coeliac disease, which made the challenges that bit harder.

Washerwoman Sat 18-Nov-23 16:50:33

There's a really cynical thread over on mumsnet about CIN and Vernon doing his challenge. Criticising celebrity fund raisers and asking why they don't just donate a million instead of getting publicity and an 'ego boost ' from it.For all we know VK and other celebs may also donate generously in money and not just effort but.I for one thought his challenge and the amount raised was amazing.And all those lesser known fund raisers are brilliant too.I wonder what the critics actually do to make a difference.

Summerfly Sat 18-Nov-23 22:49:01

Whoops! Sorry I missed a 3 off.
Note to self, must preview text before posting 🙈