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Granny’s nightmare

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RosiesMaw Sat 18-Nov-23 21:12:13

Some years ago I posted this, coincidentally I think it was this weekend!
And I thought I’d give it another airing. Nothing much has changed!

Twas the month before Christmas
And throughout the land
We've started our shopping
With help from broadband
The toys come from Argos, the clothes from JL
Cos shopping in person
Is the Ninth circle of Hell
There's a jumper for DH, for SIL, gin
But where should they leave it
If I am not in?
I sit up with Amazon ordering books
For cyclists and sports fans
And children and cooks.
My cash card is tingling, the urge is still there
Without M&S or Ocado
I haven't a prayer.
In the shops like those jingle bells
The cash tills will ring
But here by the fire I am spared all that thing
Of jostling and crowds and nowhere to park
Then driving back home in the cold and the dark.
I love Christmas shopping, the spirit is here
And as I'm not driving, don't stint with the cheer.winewine
But where would I be - I would weep I would frown
If my nightmare should happen
My wi-if was down? ???

SueDonim Sat 18-Nov-23 21:27:43

I feel seen, Maw! 🤣🤣

GrannyGravy13 Sat 18-Nov-23 21:34:21

That is my life from 1st November until Christmas Eve 👏👏👏

crazyH Sat 18-Nov-23 21:35:24


keepcalmandcavachon Sat 18-Nov-23 21:41:50

I'll retire to the sofa with a pork pie and some beer,
and not make an appearance till twelfth night is here.

Grandmabatty Sat 18-Nov-23 21:52:14

This is fabulous!

Doodledog Sat 18-Nov-23 22:18:46

Very good grin

Aveline Sun 19-Nov-23 07:40:46


Iam64 Sun 19-Nov-23 07:50:03

Fabulous Maw - I’m off to a Real Live Christmas Fayre today. I wonder what I’ll find

Joseann Sun 19-Nov-23 08:04:02

😀 So true!

Though I give myself double the work, because I do like to see everything for real in the shops before I go home and order it online. Yesterday was spent in White Company, Occitane, Waterstones and Next.
Worth the outing though, for a breakfast in Côte overlooking the cathedral. You can't get that experience online!